Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bad Brother

ABI brother is so fed up with Mother and has bolted to New Zealand is on holidays in New Zealand. So I must step up to the crease to insure Mother has an adequate food supply. She has run out of potatoes. There are a couple of foods stuffs Mother is not allergic to, potatoes apparently is one of them, McDonald's being the other.

I never get out, Mother complained, and asked if we would could lunch at her local McDonald's, known by Little Jo as Nanny's Restaurant. Hmm, she must be over pies from the Great Aussie Bakery. She must be over salad rolls, no meat, from the Vietnamese bakery.

Being the caring and generous son that I am, I am going to take my mum out for a really special lunch. We shall go to the McDonalds at Narre Warren South on the Pakenham bypass freeway.

Should you be in your dotage, don't you wish you had a son like me to take you out for that extra special outing?


  1. oh dear. there is a fine line between devotion and being manipulated by a wily geriatric.

    Maccas is very good for travellers so I won't knock them, and the ones on freeways are also free of congregating teens, so less repulsive.
    Get her the massive calorie meal and just wait. I wish I could get my mr Magoo to chow down on chain-food but alas he has had none of it ever.
    Yet again, we commend your parental responsibility.

  2. Take me by the hand and bring me to the nearest Febo, which is accross the street BTW.

    I'm so glad my parents are still together, 87 and 90 y.o., and they're off for a few days to the south of the country.

  3. I'm battling to get dad to eat a bowl of soup, relish the Maccas-lovin'-Mother!

  4. My parents used to spend their retirement mornings at McDonalds reading the free newspapers and drinking the bottomless cups of coffee available to seniors who purchased the 30c ice creams.

    They socialised with a whole group of similarly minded freeloaders they otherwise might never have met. They even found a bridge playing pensioner they insisted must play a few games with their adored but reluctant (to join in) son (yours truly).

  5. I think you should turn this into a money-spinner! SURELY Macca's would be willing to PAY for someone so clearly in ill health but thriving on their food to actually endorse it??

  6. Oh dear! You'd be the ideal son for me if you made sure that:
    I had no visible chin hairs; and
    Made sure I was propped up in my rocking chair and a chocolate every few minutes or so was popped into my mouth!

  7. She tries to manipulate Ann, but I have shown that if I won't do something, I just won't do it. I liked the one at NW South. There were other choices, not just Mcs.

    That is impressive Peter. I hope you go their genes.

    Yeah Jayne. She is not eating a lot though.

    I laughed Red.

    Kath, a while ago she asked me to cut a hair on her face. I said why not pluck it out? It hurts, she said. Nonsense. I pluck hairs all the time. I was shocked after seeing a female neighbour a week after she had a stroke. She had so much hair on her face. You need a toyboy, not a doting son.

    Funny you should mention that Victor. Free tea for all Seniors card holders. A post coming up on that.