Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fool, haha

I have had a wee bit of success with April fool posts in the past. Last year's went over like a lead balloon. I am not going to bother this year. Truly, in case you think I am disarming your scepticism.

I'll just review ones of the past. I wonder if I will surprise myself with ones I have forgotten. I don't think so.

2004, I did not start my blog until later that year.

2005, nothing, but I mentioned something about earthquakes? Where was that then? I had to check, Pakistan. Only 75,000 killed.

2006, nothing, but omg, an old Italian guy groped me in his car. I had completely forgotten about that.

2007, ah, the township of Maltby, bypassed by the Maltby Bypass. My favourite. I enjoyed doing that one. I thought saying that the town had the highest incidence of incest in the world would have given it away.

2008, it was downright cruel piece of work by moi. We were broke and had to sell the highrise and move into our investment flat. The sympathy flowed in but then later so did scepticism.

2009, yes this is the one I forgot about. The demolition of the synagogue opposite our place and seen clearly in my header photo. It was quite good and even after comments indicated it was an April fool joke, still there were concerns, prompting to write another post.

2010, fell flat. Nearly everyone must have taken their cynism pills that day. The hill below the Shrine was being levelled for car parking and tourist bus parking. It was actually a water collection system being installed but I thought my photos gave it credibility.


  1. Ahhh, I see where you went wrong.
    You should have picked a young Italian guy to go the grope.

  2. lol I was teaching five year olds today and they knew nothing about April Fool's Day so I wasn't reminded and I completely forgot!!

  3. Don't get me excited Jayne.

    Aw KN, no April fool Miss.

  4. bah i slept through it all, what a shame!

  5. Very interesting you really are very clever, Andrew. How I wish I could think of such elaborate stories to entertain.
    I wondered where the photo of the front end loader was taken.

  6. Fen, you missed the across the inner suburbs 40kmh speed limit on ABC Melbourne then. Mayor of Port Phillip is pissed orf with a certain Mr Faine.

    Legend in my own lifetime BFG. Maybe not. The photo was taken on site. You can just see Eureka Tower.