Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Size matters?

That most wicked Cazzie posted this link in a comment on my blog. It's quite interesting to compare different countries. Our straight female hairdresser friend and our brother friends were interested to have a look at the stats, so I emailed them the link. I haven't heard back from them yet. Below is what I sent to them. Oh lookie, I found a map too.

Some stats seem a bit iffy, eg Ecuador in South America having the highest figure, although I guess such figures could be influenced by the intermingling of black slaves in the 19th century.

Thailand smaller the Japan, China or Vietnam? I don't think so.

India so much smaller than Pakistan?

Colombia has a very high figure.

Poor old Australia is on the low side. We need more black men.

Note, no figure for Kenya.

Anyway, I really can't stand size queens who obsess about size.

I'll email you next from Ecuador.

Cheers. http://www.everyoneweb.com/worldpenissize/


  1. I disagree with you about Thailand v Japan based on my...ahem...experience.

    What about the unfortunate countries where the males have no penis size whatsoever?

  2. If I may draw further on my expertise in this subject I would draw to your attention that the men possessing the world's largest penises all seem to record their attributes on the walls of public toilets.

  3. NZ is bigger than Oz?!
    Wait...Sudan looks like a nice holiday spot....

  4. Inches or centimetres, it doesn't say!

  5. Anonymous4:02 pm

    And those countries with the large willies are self reported. I could offer to do a better study and do the actual measuring.....:)

  6. I stand by my comparison Victor. Clearly we met different guys. Chinese in Thailand are, well, Chinese and there are a lot of them. The dark skinned Thais are another case. It is many years since I have been in one of those sorts of public toilets, but phone numbers never worked.

    Jayne, it would be the Scottish heritage on the South Island that drove the figure up. From my own knowledge, I am heading to Kenya.

    Inches Peter. You could pretend centimetres and get a nice suprise.

    I like the way you are thinking Anon. This is essential research that needs to be done.

  7. Stay tuned. Currently involved in a (serious) research collaboration looking at female preference for male genital size (among other body attributes) in humans.

  8. Really AdRad. I thought you only dealt in critters.

  9. Humans are critters too ;-)

  10. I watched a war doco once where some ex POW's said that the Japanese guards would not swim or take clothes off near the prisoners the old guys said it was because they were embarrassed at how little theirs was by comparison to the Aussie men!!!

  11. AdRad, I got into terrible trouble one day when I said that to a catholic guy, but of course we are.

    Sounds reasonable MC, but as well as being smaller, because of the dark straight hair down there, they would have looked quite different. How true this is I am not sure, but I understand Japanese men don't appear in public, say at a bath house without pulling their foreskin back!