Sunday, March 27, 2011

R's birfdy Pt 2 of 3

Brighton Antique Dealer, her female friend, German born and for some reason a VIP in Indonesian Australian relations, our brother friends, our dyke friend and our hairdresser friend all met at the Dick Whittington hotel for dinner. Restaurants are ok for dinner, but a well organised pub is better for a birthday dinner, as it was proved. We had a good night.

The Dick has poker machines, everybody got greedy and lost money. But me with my $5, lose it or double it and take it and who knows what might happen along the way won $12, $7 profit. But even with a two for one voucher, dinner $12.50, my four reds, $22, the pub still won.

Hey, the waitress said, haven't seen you lot for a while. No, it may have been a month or two or more, but we have been coming here since 1992.

Whose birthday is it, the dyke waiter asked me. It is R's, the old bloke dude in the blue checked shirt. The hairdresser friend has already written 'happy birthday R' on the butchers paper table cloths with the supplied crayons. I went for the tapas menu, 3 selections for $25. Very nice. A couple of people ordered deserts and when they were delivered, out came a chocolate mousse for R with a sparkler in it. We sang a really fast happy birthday to him. I later thanked the dyke waiter for the gesture from the hotel.


  1. I wish I had been there - it sounds great.
    maybe a train theme party next time?

  2. Train party theme. Err, no.

  3. Happy birthday to R, sounds like a wonderful night :)

  4. There's always this dinky Thomas look-a-like thingie that tootles about Cocklebay at Darling Harbour...?
    Spoilsport :P

    Many Happy Returns to R :)

  5. Happy birthday to R....sounds like a good time was had by all

  6. T'was good Cazzie.

    I know it well Jayne. But not been on it.

    Cheers MC.

  7. Yep Fen. I adore tapas.