Monday, March 28, 2011

R's Birfday Pt 3 Finis

Ex NT politician/policemen friend, his Indian/Fijian partner and a visiting doctor from Fiji helped R celebrate R's final birthday event, a meal on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. We could have done the late five course dinner, but even with a discount voucher, it would have cost about $120 each. I figured it was a bit too long as well for the non drinking company we were keeping. So, we did the early three course dinner for $77 each. It was R's birthday present from me.

Due to the hideous Grand Pricks motor car race, the departure point had been altered and we were not going south to St Kilda. We met at the old City via William Street tram terminus, now just a siding, at the northern end of the city. We hovered for a bit and took some snaps standing in front of the trams. As soon as we were on board, champers was served and our first course, dips and dry biscuits was on the table, along with a bread roll.

Chicken or beef? Chocolate or sticky date? I chose beef steak, very nice, and sticky date pudding, great. The staff, Joe mostly, were attentive, especially with the drinks. Our tram driver's name was Andrew and R fell in love with his bare legs. I have a vague memory of Andrew from a warehouse dance party many years ago. He must be one of those homosexual types. While staff introduced themselves, the tram drivers did not. It would be nice if they did.

Unlike when we sailed down the Seine, I really tried this time to pay attention to where we were.

I did not even know trams could turn right into Latrobe Street from the northern part of William Street. We changed direction once in Latrobe Street and headed west. We turned right into Spring Street, then left into Wellington Parade and along Bridge Road. We are in Church Street, someone commented. Nonsense, I said, we crossed Church Street already. Apparently there is another Church Street I never knew about. You following our trip ok Peter? I still knew where I was, but I need to look at a map now. Church Street becomes High Street. Yes, I know High Street in Kew. We had passed the Kew tram depot. The tram turned back and we then turned into Barkers Road, past the front of the tram depot, and then the road changes to Victoria Street, and Victoria Parade. Along Latrobe Street, change direction and turn left into William Street and we were back where we started.

Apparently the step up to tram from ground is quite high. A removable step was added as we boarded. Quite unnecessary, I judged. I welcomed the supplementary step when we left. I had taken my money's worth of supplied booze.

Funny, I noticed this coat of arms straight away in the photo. I never really saw it at the time in spite of R gesturing in the direction.

Orient Express?

Or bordello? I took the photo before everyone boarded, just to annoy Victor who is convinced there are no people in Melbourne.

Steak, meat for a man.

So I may have had champagne, four glasses of red wine, cognac with my coffee, Drambuie and port in an hour and a half. I got me monies worf.


  1. You lost me the moment you boarded the tram but the meal looks delish and R certainly had a grand birfdee ;)

  2. I lost my bearings re directions before you got to the part "you following our trip ok?". I know BArkers Road but didn't realise the dinner tram went that far. <ust be nice seeing all the expensive residences. I haven't been on the tram yet (my pocket and my wishes don't always agree) but am glad you posted that lovely photo showing just how plush it is. Understand about getting one's money worth of grog. Reminds me of the time I went Gold Class from Kuranda to Cairns - champers was included - and that return trip was way more fun than going up.

  3. I've never heard of the dinner tram before. What a nice way to have a birthday.

  4. I've always wondered how they cook the food. Was there a kitchen or did they pick the stuff up along the way? Btw...a photo of the tram driver's legs would have been good so we can judge for ourselves what the fuss was about.

  5. sounds like a bloody good time was had by you at least

  6. Yes, it was good fun Jayne.

    BFG, the tram doesn't normally go out there that I know of, but the route was changed because of the GP. It certainly is not cheap.

    Bendigo has one too River. Now there is an opportunity for Adelaide.

    AdRad, they certainly did not pick up along the road. The steak seemed freshly cooked. I guess a lot is prepared in advance. I was a bit slow off the mark with the camera and the driver's legs.

    Indeed I did MC.

  7. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Gee, R certainly is stretching out his birthday this year - lucky him!
    Do you know if the dinner tram has a veggie menu? It's been mentioned as one of our activities for August. If we go, I really want the sticky date pudding!!! V.

  8. It does. Doc from Fiji is a vego and he enjoyed his food.

  9. Anonymous12:07 am

    Cool, I'll check it out thanks. V.

  10. You misrepresent me to your innocent readers, Andrew. I have never suggested there are no people in Melbourne; just that you so often fail to capture any of them in your photographs.

    I'm touched that you thought of me during R's birthday feast.

  11. I didn't really think of you at the time Victor. I have started to look at my own photos with an eye for how many people there are in them. Odd.

  12. ooh sounds like a lovely night out. I've noticed those trams parking near the Vic Market, I've passed them a few times in the last week. Never noticed them before, maybe it was coz of the Pricks.

  13. I was married in the church that that Church Street is named after. National Trust and bluestone.

    Loved the post - just hilarious.
    going off now to find out what Semper Procederus means ..

  14. semper = Always
    procedentes = From

  15. Did you make the wedding pages of The Sun?

  16. no thank god but the divorce was chronicled in The truth (RIP) and in Lawrence Money's column.

  17. Muso and entrepreneurial wife acrimoniously split? I wonder if Truth has been digitised yet?