Saturday, March 12, 2011


I fear this earthquake in Japan is going to be terrible. Thankfully our friend in northern Japan is ok. We are keeping in touch by sms. Her nuclear power station has been shut down, so she had no electric. She walked the dark streets back to her home from work.  Our friend endured several hours of her work place shaking which sounds very frightening. It just coming into spring in Japan and in the north the seasons happen later so it is still very cold and of course without electricity, there is no heating. Several friends called last night to check if our friend is ok.

This morning I hear that the death toll may be over one thousand and after seeing tv footage last night, I am surprised that the figure is not higher.


  1. Terrible terrible footage. My heart goes out to them. Such destruction, such loss. I expect the toll in human life to be immense.

  2. Some images of the tsunami racing across the land were both wondrous and terrifying.

  3. Last night I could not believe my shocked horrified and appalled eyes when I noticed an earthquake newsbreak montage containing a (colourised) image of an atom bomb explosion.
    The sheer shock of having one's house and car swept from the land to be replaced by the debris of other cars and houses is unspeakable.
    News directors of course, are revelling in having dramatic film to screen.
    I am glad your friend is safe, but re -
    "Her nuclear power station has been shut down, so she had no electric."

    we are all fortunate her nuclear station is 'down' not 'UP'.

    Hundreds of people expected to queue today for flights to Japan.
    They must not know which way to jump.
    We all have to be constantly aware of our life's potential for dramatic change at any second, and treat other people accordingly.
    'Pacific Rim' indeed.

  4. I am worried for our friend Lucy the blogger, she is in Kawasaki, Kanagawa and has family (two boys my boys ages). So surreal!

  5. I heard someone complaining that the TV 'disaster' coverage isn't very good - like it's a show for our entertainment. If crap TV is someone's worst problem they must be having an easy life!!

  6. For sure Julie. It must be much worse than we know at this stage.

    Never seen anything like it Victor. Hope to never again.

    As I type Emstacks, R is talking to her on the phone and trying to establish how far away the nearest defective reactor is. She has power now. If the Japanese can't make reactors safe, what hope is there for any nuclear plant.

    Cazzie, if she is home, she will be fine. She lives in a Tokyo suburb. She doesn't post anymore :(

    Red, I suppose 'good' is open to interpretation. I don't consider BBC world service coverage very good radio today. Our ABC radio was doing quite a good job of it without being sensationalist. But I do get your point.

  7. Nothing can be said about it that will make it any better - this year there has been so much or is it that it has happened in our part of the world - we barely notice things in peru and Somalia and places like that.