Monday, March 21, 2011

Printers prone to not proceeding

Victor had a printer issue. He was unable to decide if it was a printer problem or an ink problem, so he bought a new printer for less than the price of two replacement cartridges. Of course the new cartridges with the new printer won't have the same quantity of ink in them, but no matter. It was a good decision.

We have tried non brand replacement cartridges. We have tried refilling cartridges. Just my opinion, but neither are good for your printer. Invariably print heads clogg up or something else went wrong.

You have to be very careful with inkjet printers if you want to get the most out of them. I discovered that our printer uses a small amount of coloured ink even when printing in black. Bah, I thought. What a waste. I then discovered a 'use black only' setting. It would never default to that setting but each time I printed something, I set it to black only, so no colour ink was used. But what happened when I went to print something in colour? I think through lack of use the print heads were clogged. I knew there was adequate ink in the cartridges. After endless head cleaning and printing of test papers, finally it was cleared. I no longer use the 'black only' setting.

Your inkjet printer is like many things in life. Use it regularly at least a little, or lose it.


  1. That's why I use a Laserjet printer for common things I don't need color in and a color printer, with replacement cartridges for the rest.

    The replacement cartridges come with lose chips, so when you need a new cartridge you switch the chip and before placing it in the new holder 'recharge' it.

    The replacements cost 50% less and have up to 50% more ink.

  2. Thanks for that info. I have a newish Epson which suddenly refuses to print. Now I have a new avenue of solution.
    The olden days of $67 ink cartridges with built-in printheads were pretty evil.
    These days we all have to anguish over 'repair or replace'. After getting coffee splash on my digital camera, the lens refuses to open. Repair was much more than $115 at the Guud Goys for a new one.
    Now to take a dep breath and throw old one in the bin.
    Thanks again, and to Victor too.

  3. Printers are crap.
    Loved the youtube thingie, halted a meltdown (thank you).
    Malvern looks very fetching.
    Duck tastes gamey.
    Rinse and repeat for illiterate kids.

    You should partake of conference in 2012 - if we haven't blown ourselves out of the universe by then, of course!

  4. Mmm I just have a black and white laser printer, only replaced the cartridge once in 5 years, I print a moderate amount as I work at home. For colour printing I just pay to get it done if I really need it, which isn't often.

  5. Not something I know much about Peter. We print so little, an inkjet will do us.

    Emstacks, it is nearly to the point where you don't have to even think about repair if something breaks. As we are well down this track, everything needs to be recycled.

    Jayne, duck tastes fatty to me. We shall see about 2012.

    Kat, it seems any more than just someone who occasionally prints, laser is the way to go. No doubt colour will become cheaper. I think it has considerably already.

  6. Andrew you raised a point I hadn't thought about. Approximately four months ago I changed my printer setting to black only. Is that what caused my problem?

  7. It is my opinion with our machine Victor.

  8. My printer is borked and I can't be bothered buying new inks for it. If I want to print in the future I think I will go shopping and just get a new one too!

  9. They are so cheap Fen, why not.