Monday, March 07, 2011

Payoff Time

How is Teddy Bails settling into his role as Premier of Victoria?

Letting cattle onto the highlands to graze and causing serious ecological damage? It is fire fuel reduction, you know. Rather like Japanese whale research whereby they need a couple of hundred whales each year for research.

Oh Teddy. Are there any other debts you owe to your coalition National Party?

The Highrise is an ugly building and never should have been built and neither should have the adjacent buildings. They were approved in Kennett times. I am not sure which of Labor or Liberal like destroying streetscapes the most? Neither seem to like retaining streetscapes.

Local activists and less local activists have long argued for enforceable height limits for the the street and its sub streets. Finally we have them. Why is that?

The Liberal Party, our state government, has asked me to pull the other one.

When the views from The Domain apartment building, the old BP House, occupied by the rich and famous and many politicians had their views threatened by a high rise on this site, then suddenly we have a height limit.

You want to build a highrise on the this land?

And block out rich mates' views? Well, we can't have that.

While I expected nothing less, the Liberal Party should not ever pretend that this is anything else but the bleeding obvious.

Oh Teddy. Are there any other favours you owe to your fellow rich dudes and political mates?

Ah yes, there are the religious organisations you owe a debt to. So, you will change the rules and make it legal for these orgs to discriminate against gays, lesbians, single mothers, in fact anyone who is not a family with a father, mother and 2.3 children. Ok, I don't really want anything to do with religion so will that affect me? Yes, it will. Right or wrong, religious organisations provide government services and charity. This is just wicked payback work by our state government.

Now anymore debts or favours the state Liberal Party Government owe?


  1. They haven't paid back the sick squid I loaned them.

    Boom! Boom!

    Ted's acting like the bastard child of Justin Madden and Graham Richardson. (Thank gawd it wasn't quintuplets!)

  2. When they declare that they will rebuild Lonsdale House, that they will scuttle the hideous tower planned above the Hotel Windsor and start realistically extending the rail network then, and ONLY then, will I remove Teddy's photo from my dart board (interchangable with Joolya, Kevvie, Swannie, Madden, Holding, brumby, Joyce and anyone else in politics).

  3. They're all the same now. No consistency, transparency, logic, straight talking or actually giving the people they govern what they want. Polls ask the wrong questions. Instead of 'Do you want XXX??', the REAL question is 'Do you want XXX at the expense of AAA, BBB and CCC??'. Of course that would change the answer considerably.

  4. LS, could I chuck Robert Ray into the mix too?

    Jayne, I am coming around to your way of thinking.

    Red, giving the people what they want? You are a radical subversive.


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