Thursday, March 31, 2011

Non affectionate nicknames

Funny how ex Prime Ministers become revered figures. One of you at least will remember a derogatory term for God Gough. I can't.

But I do remember ex PM Malcolm Fraser being called the Easter Island Statue. Now that he has turned into a rabid lefty, he is honoured among the thinking classes who would never have voted for him.

And what happened to the Silver Bodgie? Ex PM Bob Hawke is now very respectable in spite of his leaving poor Hazel and marrying his floozy.

Bobby Menzies is remembered by me as Pig Iron Bob, the PM who sold iron ore to Japan who sent it back to us as bullets, bayonets and other war paraphernalia in a most unkind manner.

What what Howard's nickname apart from the unprintable? I don't recall that he had one. Oh yeah, Little Johnny was one.


  1. Pippa8:14 pm

    Among the group of friends I had at the time, we used to refer to Howard as "Teflon John". This was due to his seeming ability to get through nearly every potentially negative event, yet not have any mud stick to him.

  2. Hi Pippa. I can't recall him being called that, but the name is very apt. Well, it was for a while until he was blasted away by Kevin 07. I suppose he gave those in the marginals prosperity, so all the other stuff was overlooked.

  3. George Yes=No Reid 1905

    Edmund Toby Tosspot Barton

    Billy The Little Digger Hughes

    was PJK The Undertaker?

  4. Emstacks, no idea about the first two. Yes to the third. Keating the Undertaker. Yes. So grey faced, and still is.

  5. 'Honest John' Howard, the Man Of Steel

    Harold Holt was called Gunner

    Affable Alf was Alfred Deakin.

    Menzies was Ming sometimes
    (the Scottish pronunciation of menzies is minghies)

  6. Hawke is now very respectable
    Not to this little black duck he aint.

  7. Ann, Man of Steel I had forgotten. Bush was it? Ah yeah, not so Honest John too.

    Was Holt a gunner? Apparently not when he said I am gunna take a swim.

    Agree Jayne, he was awfully common.

  8. 'Gunner' Holt was derisive - he was apparently recalled from an Army position and at the time this was not a good look. We are lucky we can insult our 'leaders' when in some regimes we would be shot for it.


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