Thursday, March 10, 2011

The News in Brief

I only wear one pair of jeans with a spare pair for when they are washed. They are getting a bit old and starting to fade. I need new ones. They are black 504 Levis, eminently suitable for a person my age. Myer, $99, Just Jeans, $99, General Pants, $109, tried Melb Central Jeans West, but it has closed. Australia online, too hard. Why is it so complicated? I don't want to join anything. US, postage included, $68. Deal done. $31 in my pocket.

Mother sent her rates notice for me to get my brother to pay, as per agreement. Included in the envelope was her house insurance bill. 'I don't have the money!' she pleaded. I shopped around and got it $55 cheaper with RACV. Sister gets bitten for money all the time from Mother, so I just asked Brothers to contribute. We accidentally left the bill in Sister's car. Post it to me will you Sis. Of course she is way to busy for important stuff like that.

R's sister was threatening to come to Australia, with the news being imparted over face book. Some frantic phone calls to other sisters ensued and apparently she is having a bit of a nervous break down after her one year old second marriage broke down. One sister has taken her to Spain instead of Australia for rest and recovery (and a hot Spanish stud I should hope). Monday our time she posted on face book that she was coming to Australia, Monday night R rang other sister to inform her of intention to come to Australia. By Wednesday morning they are both in Spain. Bah.

R was stressed tonight after dealing with the company about our cracked window. It is not resolved. Stay calm, don't stress and don't push so hard. Just because they say they will call you back this afternoon and don't, doesn't mean they won't ever call you back.

R was also stressed about a friend not returning a call, but she just has. After the fail of our campervan trip to northern NSW and settling for Adelaide, we might just be going to luxury accommodation in Bali mid year with our dyke friend. Depends on price, but may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

R was also stressed because the barbeque caught fire tonight. It is his fault because after the last time I cleaned it, it caught fire and he said perhaps it was better not to clean it. I took him at his word and have not given a good internal scrub since. We have now decided that after something marinaded is cooked, the next time we use the Baby Q, it catches fire. Nevertheless, it had a good build up of carbon? Impregnated with oil and marinade it went up like the proverbial hindu widow. We wondered how to put it out? It was in no hurry to go out. I never panic (startled rabbit syndrome?) Eventually I recalled 'starving of oxygen'. I blocked the fat drip hole below with an old tea towel and the fire went out. But then R had to fry in the kitchen, spattered fat from elbow to you know where, and what wasn't spattered went straight to our waists.

Mother's birthday is coming up. Picnic or if weather is ok. Hot or wet, Village Green Hotel she ordered. Why VG? Sister said no way. It is all being rethought.

R's birthday also this month. I have booked us and two friends on the tram car restaurant. It is Grand Pricks weekend though. Different pick up point near Victoria Market. Panic as my work changes for Grand Pricks weekend, but found out today, safe. Bah.

Step Mother's birthday this month too. Fortunately a card and a phone call or sms will do.

Oh cakes. Mother insists on one and R likes one too. Then there will be another celebration with more friends for R's birthday.

R is talking of retirement and went to a superannuation seminar two nights ago. Planned date is March next year. Life will change a lot if that happens. He was advised that he needs $60,000 a year to live comfortably. Ha, he survives on $30,000 a year now as he sticks a lot of money into super. He has always been generous to me, so I expect I might have to take over paying some bills. A car will have to go though.

You would think there just being the two of us, life would be relaxed and easy, yet it never is.


  1. The day life is relaxed and easy, you'll be dead! (irony intended)

  2. "relaxed and easy" - what are you comparing it to? OF COURSE your life is about as good as anybody could expect.
    1. you have choices
    2. a wide social engagement
    3. nobody is shooting at you
    4. ... FFS.

    The tramcar treat will be fantastic and I am relieved for you that the GP roster hasn't ruined that.

    re Mother's birthday venue not suiting, it's her day. so suck it up. not too many more to endure.

    damn retirement seminar organisers - they just like to frighten people into paying for their services.
    Boredom is his biggest threat. Start assessing the Volunteer options. Blood Bank runs on volunteers, Bone Marrow registry and organ-donor registry also do (it's desk work). Art Gallery guides are Volunteers. the country RUNS on Volunteers.

    Congrats on the jeans shopping. The US has always been less costly than here.

  3. Just as I was to comment the outlook of your page changed. Has that happened before?

    Anyway, you're bizzy running family business, tell your Sis to shut up, if your Mom wants to go to the Village Green Hotel, just go! It's her day anyway.

  4. So does this mean the massive-everything-included-round-OZ caravan is off the agenda??!!

    I spend quite a lot of $$ on work-related stuff when at work - it's amazing what you can save without this burden!!

    Good luck trying to keep everyone happy!!

  5. when is grand pricks? I have to remember not to drive up Queens Rd that weekend :|

  6. I expect you are right Kath.

    Emstacks, I try and remember that I am very fortunate. R's seminar was a work place based super affair, so not quite the pressure. R certainly will volunteer for something. He may even work part time. If I was in the US, the jeans would cost about $30.

    Wouldn't say that Red, but our trial trip is for the moment. Plus, when not working, you have time to go to cheap markets rather than just local supermarket.

    Fen, 24th March to 27th. Must check my earplug supply.

  7. Peter, it just started happening. I just hope it will settle down itself. Not sure why but two of your comments went to spam folder, and so were delayed.

  8. "but may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb."

    NZ size queens ?!

  9. Go the internet for shopping, I love it!
    Was in Melbourne for my 40th a few years back, went to the Village Green! My sister has two young kids and lives close, the kids love the the play equipment there, so that was that.

  10. LS, racism is ok if they are of anglo heritage hey?

    Little Jo is quite familiar with the play equipment there Ian.

  11. "we might just be going to luxury accommodation in Bali mid year "

    how lovely to be anticipating that.

    Bali has no nuclear reactors like the Japanese one over their earthquake yesterday. I just hope we are all still alive 'mid-year'.

  12. Only a terrorist bomb to blow us up in Bali Emstacks. The dates aren't working well, so probably not going now.

  13. Life seems not to be as relaxing as it was when I had little kids and was caring for Don - so much input these days


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