Friday, March 11, 2011

Moseying around St Kilda Road South

574 St Kilda Road really ought to do something with their water feature. I believe it was switched off when drought water restrictions were enacted, but they are allowed to have it operating again now. I suspect this is just stale rainwater after the heavy rains. Yuk!

The verdant playing fields of the tax payer subsidised Wesley College.

This is the outdoor area of the Belgian Beer Cafe Bluestone, on land that is or was owned by the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, now Vision Australia.

On the other side of the bar's driveway, the land is unkempt. I quite like it actually. The area has since been slashed.

Yve is a fairly top notch St Kilda Road apartment building with some well known residents. Since it was completed I have puzzled over the use of the two strong colours at its base. I am never sure if I like it or not.

Bit difficult to see, but along the side of Yve is a waterwall, similar to the one in Collins Street in the city. The city one will come up in a post soon.


  1. Argh don't get me started on Wesley....

    ....and here we are, on the other side of the river, getting all excited because Debney high is getting a new fence!

  2. Formatting returns! Welcome back ole mate.

  3. Do go the biff Kath. Phrase it nicely for The Age.

    Total co-incidence J Bar. Not bad a bad shot is it.

    Cheers LS. It was only a few hours of my life to correct.

  4. ooh I used to work a very dull job in that building, many moons ago! When the waterworks were on!

  5. Fen, from memory the water feature was quite nice.