Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moseying about the Arts Centre Pt 2

As I drank my coffee while sitting on a comfortable couch, I pointed the camera lens skywards in an attempt to take an artistic shot. If succeeded, say so. If I didn't, say nothing.

This mosaic pays respect to an earlier inhabitant of the site where the arts centre complex sits.

All is not quiet and still. Hamer Hall, the concert hall, is undergoing serious renovation. It will be opened up to the river instead of locking it out, not literally of course. I thoroughly approve of the idea BUT, the lavish John Truscott interior will disappear, it would seem. Adam from The Grapevine has some gorgeous photos of the interior. Do take a look. I have some non-gorgeous photos of a construction site.


  1. The Truscott work will disappear?
    His BFF Sheila Scotter OAM age 90 will be finished off by this news.
    Yet again. Melbourne destroys the good stuff.
    IF Roy*Grounds had been any good in the first place, the building would have been 'open to the river' right from the start.

    Your photo very lovely, but not 'arty'. 'Arty' requires getting off the couch. mwah mwah

  2. That's a great shot!! But I'll leave you to decide whether or not that's a compliment coming, as it does, from someone who isn't a photographer!!

  3. I believe Truscott's work will disappear, but I am not sure that it is official. Scotter is ninety hey. That is getting on a bit. It amused me that Grounds would never answer his phone if it was raining as invariably it would be a client complaining of a leaking roof. And are you saying you actually have to be active to take an arty shot? Don't think I care for that.

    False modesty Red. Save it for me who has little to be modest about.

  4. Apropos nothing in particular, especially on the issue of arty photography, why does this post contain labels for New Zealand and Trams? I didn't notice any reference to either in the text or the photos.

  5. Keen eye Victor. I am guessing I added the labels before I wrote the post and just copied them from the last Arts Centre post. So, you are right. They shouldn't be there. I've never done that before and probably won't again. Ok, I have checked and that is what I did but I added a blog label as well.

  6. a year later and La Scotter passed on Good Friday age 91.
    Some immediately thought 'an apartment at The Bridport' coming on market!' but I suppose she has bequeathed it to some lucky person.

    I have a story that can not be told publicly because it is the journalists ultimate crime. I do look forward to the true story of her influence being told though. Sir Frank*Packer involved somewhere. Her funeral will be very stylish.

  7. Em Stacks, just as I was reading your comment, they started talking about her on the radio. We can only hope it all comes out then.