Monday, March 21, 2011

Malvern Meanderings

My trip to Malvern was to take a photo of a sign for Our Fading Past. I try to make such a trip more interesting by walking some streets. I walked from Wattletree Road past Cabrini Hospital, through Spring Road Park to Malvern Road. There are some quite grand houses along the way.

I think this might be a consulate. There is a flag on the right hand side of the house, but the wind was light and I could not see the flag properly.

Did someone say grand?

The trunk of a peppercorn tree seems to be oozing two different saps, a red translucent sap and a white opaque sap.

Lovely pretty work under the eaves.

Leafy suburbs aren't always so good for taking photos.

No, not in Christchurch or Japan. Renovations of an extensive nature.

The last time I was in Spring Road Park, this water feature was dry.

The church is being used temporarily for child care. It has very nice brickwork around the doors and I guess a reproduction lamp fitting which I think works well here. Note, no soft old sandstone footings of the type found in Sydney, but good solid western district bluestone.


  1. Love that Italianate building on the corner.

  2. I like it too Peter, especially the restrained decoration :-p. Usually houses like this are hidden behind large treed gardens or high hedges or fences. While the wooden fence does not match well, at least the house is very visible.

  3. Gorgeous buildings... especially the second picture Andrew :)

  4. I wouldn't mind rattling around in it Cazzie.


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