Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jeffed: A verb to describe what will happen in NSW

The Right Honourable Premier of New South Wales, Barry O'Farrell, takes the floor:

'Fellow citizens of New South Wales, we have taken a preliminary examination of our state's finances and we have discovered we are in a perilous situation. All departments will need to find savings in the order of 10 per cent of their budgets. All current projects are suspended and will be reviewed. All planned projects are cancelled. All department heads are dismissed and welcome to reapply for their positions. The Sydney City Council is dismissed as are the councils of Wollongong and Newcastle.

We will immediately enact legislation to prevent local councillors also being a member of parliament. The remainder of our state owned power corporation is to be sold, along with our water supply and its distribution, gas distribution and the operation of our public railways.

There will be no grants to councils for this term of our office. All grants to cultural and artistic organisations are suspended.

All harbour and river ferry services will be privatised and those that cannot make a profit will be closed.

The Opera House will be closed, however the exterior will be maintained.

The Barangaroo development will be cancelled and a request for new plans to maximise the value of the site be requested.

Be careful what you wish for New South Wales. Fighting against an incompetent government is fun. Fighting against a determined one is harder.


  1. There's a fine line between disillusionment and denial ...

    Will save the link to compare with actual fact post-election!!

  2. At least we have three days break from those political ads which have been driving me mad for weeks.

  3. Have done the deed and voted for the incumbent, tho I think I've gone against the flow

  4. Can they do any worse? Even if all that does happen, will it make things worse or better?

  5. Red, maybe not quite so bad, but if Victoria is anything to go by, expect lots of 'non-core' promises.

    Victor, I imagine you end up not wanting to vote for any of them.

    Ian, well, she has one vote at least.

    Misilsby, it could even be better. But as you would know, we still suffer effects from privatisation of the running of our public transport.


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