Monday, March 28, 2011

I not like

The horrible Grand Pricks has finished again for the year. The disruption to traffic as stands etc are disassembled will continue for some weeks yet. My oldest niece's partner tells me the noise should be less now as they no longer race cars with such large engines! Not by my reckoning. You have a listen in the video.

Chairman of the Grand Pricks Corp is one Ron Walker. He has a son. His son is a partner of a firm that tenders for a contract to supply a service to the GP. For about fifteen years this company has won the tender every year. Do I hear a duck quacking? As I often say, it is all about perception.

Now no one can help their looks. If you are plain of face, that is they way you are, unless you spend mega dollars on treatments. But if a male has hair, he can do plenty with it to look half decent. All the money Ron Walker and the repulsive Bernie Ecclestone have and they can't even get a decent haircut. Pathetic old men. And I am not the only one who thinks so.


  1. For an 'event' that costs us taxpayers so much to run; that so few of us are interested in and that even Bernie Ecclestone can't be bothered to attending, its days here in Melbourne should surely be over.

  2. Ali and her Andrew lived across from port Phillip bay in South Melbourne...and the scream of the cars was deafening - now at Point cook she enjoys the quiet...and the tran trip to town is not so bad...they just couldn't afford in town rent anymore

  3. Apparently, despite the ostensible kicking and screaming, Adelaide wasn't really that upset when it 'lost' the GP to Victoria many years ago! Now I know why!!!

  4. Very tiresome (the GP). Took me 50 minutes to get from Flinders Street to Lygon Street on Saturday afternoon. 50! And had to swap trams three times. Three times!

  5. For the first time ever I could hear the race from the backyard. I'm pretty sure it I could hear it anyway, it wasn't that loud. I concluded I could hear it because it was on later when there was less ambient noise blocking it out than previous years.

  6. Well said Andrew, they are pathetic old men!

  7. Yet Kath, the way the gov is talking, especially Asher, it will stay.

    Ok MC, she was in Armadale last.

    Yes Red, it was supposedly a Victorian triumph. Maybe not so.

    Rosanna, I can cope with the four days of it. It is lead up and wind down disruption that annoys me.

    Given the prevailing breeze Ben, it is quite possible.

    You wonder why they are like that Cazzie.

  8. We could hear it clearly from here in Oakleigh, again.
    Bah, get rid of the damn thing.