Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Could They?

I collect photos of trams. I rarely collect any because of the tram, but usually for the settings. This photo is by Dave Menzies of England features the demolished Federal Hotel, or Federal Coffee Palace if you like. Whoever approved its demolition should be in gaol. Just one stat for you. It had twenty five kilometres of skirting board. Ok, another. The walls at its base were 1.5 metres thick. Criminal.


  1. AAARRRGGHHH! What were they thinking? Oh, hang on - they WEREN'T thinking, were they?!?!

  2. There are many How-Could-They?s
    I like to think there is also
    A Judgement Day.

    Peter Jansson lived in that tower and had to move to The Windsor because of the demolition.

  3. Such a beautiful building-gone forever.

  4. What lamb-blasted nincompoop was responsible for that? Where was the National Trust? I get really angry when our fine buildings get knocked down in the name of progress and filthy lucre.

  5. Money to be made Red.

    Ann, I read that Jansson left behind women's knickers and champers bottles.

    Yep River, there is never going back with demolition.

    BFG, I think it was before the trust was formed. Filthy lucre is right.

  6. Ironic, Ann, that he moved from one former coffee palace to another ;)

    Yes, damn criminal to think it was demolished within our living memory (1972) :(

  7. Jayne, I recently read where he went after the Windsor, but I forget now.

  8. after The Windsor he went to a bluestone warehouse in a city laneway vicinity Collins & Elizabeth.

    those strewn champers bottles were probably contra'd. the knickers probably deliberate attempt to gild the legend.

  9. I would guess so Emstacks. He must be pretty old now.


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