Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forest at the Domain

Domain Interchange, where many trams meet and pass by, is disgraceful. It is not that old, about twenty years, and I am sure it would have been rebuilt by now if not for the proposed train tunnel and station that may appear here.

Behind the Interchange is a forest of buildings. On your far left is an old consulate converted to apartments. R has an ex workmate who lives there. She and her husband are seriously rich, but you would never know it by their appearance.

The tall building partly behind the tree is an apartment building called Hallmark. It too was a residential conversion. It was originally a hotel and while it had a couple of names, it was best known as the St Kilda Road Travelodge.

Around the middle of the photo sits the late Floyd Podgornick's building. He was a restaurateur who owned Florentinos and a property developer. I seem to recall his empire was crashing at the time of his death. He committed suicide in this building not too long after it was completed. It sits on the site where the former Casa de Manana hotel watered local workers, or Case of Bananas as we used to call it at times. In earlier times it called the Royal Domain Hotel and the Royal Domain name is used for the present building.

The very very tall building is quite new and I suggest some shonkiness went on somewhere to get this building approved. Yes, there were protests. I inspected an apartment in there not too long after we moved here. Can I say it was very nice, but of course very expensive.

The last building on the right is another conversion to residential I believe. I think it was where the top secret Defence Signals Directorate worked from after the ASIO building off St Kilda Road was demolished. I have heard there are huge decommissioned generators under the building and a tunnel linking it to the Shrine.


  1. Honestly Andrew, it never ceases to amaze me how you manage to capture entire cityscape photos without a single individual in sight.

    You could photograph the final scenes for "On The Beach" with a talent like that.

  2. At least the buildings are still being used, not just standing empty and neglected. Like so amy here in Adelaide.

  3. Just a talent I seem to have Victor. I have others too. I actually can't believe there are no people. It would have been the middle of the day.

    Really River? You perhaps don't have the over immigration problem we have.