Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dandenongs Pt 1

A couple of weeks ago. Our ex NT politician/policeman friend was on his own for three days while his partner was away with his boyfriend (do not ask. It works for them) Anything planned, he asked us. Hoping to not to have to visit his place for dinner, I suggested he take us for a drive in the Dandenongs, as he does for his many visitors from overseas. I meant this as an alternative to dinner at place but that invitation came too. He knows to ring R on his mobile number as R is nicer about such things and less likely to say no. Anyway, the following day we drove to his place and we then picked up our brother friends. We stopped off at Cardinia Dam which I had not seen. Normally there are kangaroos basking in the sun or lazily hopping around but the feed in from the new desalination plant has just been built and the works disturbance must have driven them away. Pretty spot while there is heaps of parking, it receives few visitors. This is the overflow spillway. It is very rare that it has operated, certainly not for many years. A lone tree on a hilltop. Cedar? Spruces? We then travelled up hill and down dale through bushland with houses and came out at Menzies Creek. Most of the houses along the way were modest and many very vulnerable to a bushfire. We checked the timetable for Puffing Billy, but it was not due for ages. We were going to have lunch at Pie in the Sky in Olinda, but there was not a vacant car space to be found. We went on a bit further to the outskirts and there were more shops and cafes. We had a wonderful lunch at a place called Relish, I think. Not expensive and very nice food and service. We looked at a few shops. I am not sure what is more interesting in the window, the tin robot or the Doctor Who police box.


  1. I have heard mention of Relish before with equally happy sounds.
    Haven't seen Cardinia Dam for yonks, thanks for the trip!

  2. I love that image of the cabin under the trees, looks like a nice place for a picnic.
    I have one of those Dr Who Police Boxes. Mine is a money box.

  3. Really Jayne. I was most impressed with Relish.

    River, it is actually the railway station, with a cafe inside. For some reason it faces away from where you would enter the station. Prevailing winds? I would guess this police box was a money box too.


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