Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clearing Photos 16

This waterwall was turned off even before our drought was at its worst. A board covered it over with an image of a lake, but over a period of time the water level in the lake dropped and eventually it was a picture of a dried up dam, with what was mud, now hard and cracked. I have no idea who the artist was, but if he or she wants plaudits for creating a depressing work, they are deserved. The water wall is back on, and in certain lights it absolutely sparkles, although clearly not for me when I was there with my camera.


  1. I also find it hard to capture sparkle on camera.
    I haven't been here for quite a while, there's so many posts to catch up on.....

  2. I hope there was something here to interest you River.

  3. Maybe it didn't sparkle for you Andrew but you captured a rare person.

  4. ACAnd by the look on his face he was well aware he was being captured.


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