Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Clearing photos 15

You know folks, there a plenty of bits of Melbourne I have not seen. The Myer mural hall was one of them. But I took a peak through glass with the camera and I feel I have seen it now. Workmen were there. Two weeks later a fashion show happened, which I guess is why tradies were busy.


  1. oh Mural you're awful.

    (The legendary Freddie Asmussen had his office on that level in the 60's, and I recall it had a shiny black door. nearby there were glass cases with Myer history items displayed. and just cop those deco chandeliers)

  2. Tales of Freddie would make hair curl hey Emstacks. Funnily, I just saw a proper photo of it in a week or so old Age Sunday supplement. Looks great, but not as large as I thought it might be. The Lamson tubes were just near the western doors.

  3. Oh, alright, I'll let you remodel my garden shed in the manner of the Myer mural hall, Andrew :P


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