Sunday, March 06, 2011

Clearing Photos 14

This photo was taken in almost darkness, yet it looks to be light. I think the blurriness tells you the camera was struggling with light.

I think the tram shelters work like this. A private company erects them, maintains them and cleans them. They sublet the shelter advertising to another company who maintain the ads and all do a fine job, I must say. It costs tram passengers and councils nothing. All win.

But when the advertisers start taking over public footpaths with their ads, I start to get concerned. Thankfully it has now been removed.

Edit: The mat may have gone, but the sticky stuff that held the mat in place has not gone and dead leaves have stuck to it. Very attractive.


  1. 'A private company erects them, maintains them and cleans them. '

    Except for the glass/perspex scratched graffiti which seems to be ignored on trains, trams, buses, tram and bus shelters.

  2. LS, I think it works on percentages like the London Underground. A certain percentage of area has to be scratched before the glass is replaced. Now if only the vandals knew the percentage, their work could last forever.

    Btw, the blue mat may have gone, but the sticky stuff that held it in place has not and leaves are stuck to it.

  3. Yep, those vandals would would be keeping an eye on the percentage. Oops!

    Vandals and a polysyllable word! Don't thinks they goes together mate! :0)

    The idiocy of vandals ever seems to amaze moi. (Not that I ever scratched my name on a wooden desk lid with a dip pen nib at primary school.)

  4. You can't seem to get away from advertising these days. I've got a photo of a building in Taylor Square with a massive billboard on it today.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. LS,not that I ever propelled my nib pen into the canite ceiling.

    Indeed you did J Bar and paid due deference in two posts to the annual Sydney bacchanalia.

  6. I used to love some of the bus stops in London. On top of them was often some art work sculpture thing, specifically for the passengers in the upper deck to look at! So cool

  7. Funny Fen, I saw that in London, but I didn't really see it. Yes, I remember now.


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