Friday, March 25, 2011

Birfdys or R's birthday Pt 1 of 3

Mother's and R's birthdays are two days apart, so we usually have a joint celebration. At the last minute ABI Brother did not have to umpire cricket in the afternoon and so was able to deliver Mother to Jells Park for a family picnic, saving us a decent old drive.

Sister and Little Jo picked us up on their way past. Tradie Brother came and Dreaded Nephew had been to Camberwell Market and stopped by. Somehow the rest of Melbourne came along to Jells Park too.

'What shall I write in the card?' asked R. I get R to write all cards as I can no longer write, only type. 'Gee Mum, you are 77 now, so old', was my reply. Of course he didn't. I suppose he wrote suitable words. I no longer bother checking.

I gave Mother $50, more than she deserves, and R bought her a replacement for her nearly thirty year old boomerang pillow. As she can do, she was quite charming and lovely to all and did not bang on about her unfortunate concluding years or complete breakdown of her body.

We weren't at the park for long. Sister, Brothers and Dreaded Nephew played a ball game with bats that could also catch the ball. I can't think of the name. The bats looked like masks you might buy in certain shops in Sydney's Oxford Street. On our last visit we ventured further into the park and Schmap asked to use one of my photos.

Little Jo giving Nanny her birthday present. Hey Sister, that is more junk we are going to have to get rid of at some point.

Nanny reading her birthday cards.

Little Jo helping R (out of sight to the right) to put candles on the cake. I am a bit surprised given how seldom Little Jo now sees Nanny, but they seem to have a pretty strong attachment. Little Jo became quite confused when she heard me call her Nanny, Mum. We've tried to explain that Nanny is Sister's Mum, but she can't grasp it. One day it will click in her head that her treasured R is not direct family but grumpy uncle Andrew is. Always something in the future to look forward to.


  1. I love Lil Jo's frock.
    and that cake has eye-appeal too.

    You are not 'Grumpy' Uncle Andrew, just simply hilarious.
    Wishing dear R many more happy birthdays.

  2. Pfft, can't imagine you having a grumpy moment with that lass :P
    Looks like a lovely day.

  3. I think 'Grumpy Uncle Andrew' will become even more loved and cherished as she grows older!

  4. Cross generational connections are amazing aren't they? my grand daughter has had a strong connection to her auntie since she was a few days old.
    Looks like a lovely day was had.

  5. Are you sure that's your mum Andrew? Her picture isn't how I imagined her at all.

  6. Ann, her frock was cheap, second hand. Second one for the day. The cake was not cheap. R will miss me when I am gone. The ultimate retribution is to die and leave the other one behind.

    Jayne, I may not give her the attention R does, like every minute, but she can still wrap me around her finger.

    Yeah Kath. She will marvel at Uncle Andrew when she older. Maybe not when she finds my blog.

    River, not sure about you, but I loved my grandmother dearly when I was a kid. Given your writing skills, you should write a bit about your past. Start with your Gran.

    Took a bit of finding Tony, but this is her in about 2002. She is a bit slimmer now. Of course I am wondering how you imagined her. You have to know that I am of a certain age, so naturally Mother will be quite old looking.

  7. I wonder why you hide from the camera, but at least we get to see your relatives.

    It will be funny when the children in our lives grow up and find our blogs. It's weird to imagine what it would be like if our grandparents had blogs from when they were young. I guess some have diaries that could be read.

    As for your relationship with Jo...I think it will change through her various ages. At some ages, she may relate better to R. At other ages, you might be closer to her. R might be really good with toddlers, but you might be better with teens....or another age.

  8. Also....

    I don't think your mother looks that old. Maybe 60-70? She doesn't look ancient to me.

  9. oh Andrew ...
    Maybe not when she finds my blog.
    ... oh fabulous
    Bwah Ha Haaaaaaaa

    I have seen The Social Network movie and can recommend it emphatically.

    There is a woman on Fbk who talks all the time about her young son's medical condition and he is going to kill her with an axe when he is 12. she is so dumb dumb dumb with the real names and photos. no wonder her famous father is not one of her Fbk Friends.

  10. Dina, to my shock I recently came across a post of mine where I did put photos of myself up. I usually have the camera so there are few photos taken of me. Naturally I don't like looking at myself in photos either.

    Emstacks, no doubt I will be exposed as the prolific family blogger one day. No one else in my family is that fussed about the internet. Glad of that. The woman on FB sounds like a nightmare.

  11. Haha. I love it when the kids "get" who is Mum to us, that is Nanny to them and so on... classic :)
    Little Jo is just beautiful!

  12. That last photo is beautiful - a cross between the generations - little Jo has amazing hair and looks so special and no doubt she is

  13. I think so Cazzie, by I am biased.

    MC, and Dreaded Nephew who was there is her cousin and is 24.