Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you the type to have been to Brighton

We and our brother friends have very similar senses of humour and perhaps very politically incorrect words and phrases flow back and forth at times. We have picked up a few phrases from tv shows over the years, such as 'This is a local shop for local people. You are not welcome here'. Or 'children' in a high pitched voice. Both are from League of Gentlemen.

Many years ago 'friends of Dorothy' was euphemism for being gay. 'He's a friend of Dorothy's'.

I expect it is on You Chube somewhere, but I don't have the time to find it. From the the BBC show The Royle Family, Nanna (the marvellous Liz Smith) sat on a kitchen bench swinging her legs and said 'He went to Brighton and came back as a gay'. Her delivery of the line was superb. Our Brother Friends found the scene as amusing as we did.

Brighton in England has a large number of gay residents and visitors. Brighton quickly slipped into our gay vocabulary. 'Do you think he's been to Brighton?' 'He's been to Brighton.' 'Touch of the Brightons about him'.

Like Friend of Dorothy was, been to Brighton is a very useful phrase to use when not among those who have been to Brighton.


  1. I know a chap who lives in Brighton (Vic) who should be a friend of Dorothy but he somehow ended up with a sour wife and children who are strangers.

  2. I did read that Hannah Gadsby's mother used to say, "Oh he's a bit 'Kiss me quick I'm full of jubes'" ...? Mysteriously cute!

  3. Hmmm Jayne. Hmmm.

    Ah, she has said it on tv Kath, but I could never catch the last couple of words. It is mysteriously cute.

  4. Hmm. "You are not welcome here" -- my recollection was "There's nothing for you here."... but they might have used both. I'll have to dig out the DVD again.

  5. Daniel, I think that was interspersed (what does interspersed mean? I typed in auto) between what I quoted. I spoke to a friend on the phone who was about to watch a repeat on one of the digital stations. I'll just leave as a fun memory of the time.

  6. ha ha I say this is a local shop for local people all the time. I adored League of Gentlemen, did you ever see Psychoville? Same writers, amazing.

  7. I kind of remember Psychoville Fen. I don't think it grabbed me.


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