Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anonymous Traveller

I never know if the photos I take are much good, but I like this one. She was on a number 59 tram heading for Airport West. I surreptitiously took a snap of her. I felt as if I was invading her privacy. Would she be sixty? Her clothing was fine, but not expensive. She was texting away to someone. Her husband? Her children? A friend? A lover?

A few still hold against mobile phones, but you can tell that they are all pervasive when you see older people quite competently using them.

I can easily tell that she feels the cold. I was in a short sleeved shirt. I wonder what her life story is?


  1. Anonymous7:43 pm

    I love how some of the older people can grasp technology. But HATE that younger people tend to abuse it, especially on the train.

    Looks too serious for texting a lover :D


  2. oh Michelle ... nothing is more serious than texting a lover.

    Jeepers HR, I am 62 and that woman is 70 at least. Granma is txting 000 saying
    'on 59 trm now weird guy photographing me'

  3. aah i love watching someone interesting on public transport. Was on a tram tonight going up your way, or past your way, when a vagrant got on and stood next to me in all his smelling glory. I had to try not to breathe until I could get off the tram again. Phwoar.

  4. Michelle they also seem able to ignore my glares at them whey they are talking too loudly.

    Emstacks, if she was using a mobile, then perhaps she is tech savvy and has a blog. Just in case, I was being kind. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Fen, that is horrible. A few years ago I became so sick of stinking people I said to one guy, mate, you really need a bath. I should have added 'in disinfectant'.

  5. She's at least seventy and is probably texting: 'Why didn't you pick me up from bowls you selish bugger? Surely your golf game has finished by now! Yours, Dulcie.'

  6. Seventy you reckon Kath. My step mother is over seventy and our Brighton Antique Dealer friend is 75 and they both text. But I can't say very well. No caps, no punctuation and after sending a birthday text message to Step Mother, she did not turn her phone on until two days later and then received the message.

  7. I would place her in her 70's. My sister is 60 and she looks a whole lot older...I love watching people - how did you get away with taking this photo without being seen

  8. She was so busy texting MC, she was completely unaware of what was going on around her. I was subtle too.