Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Windsor Wander

I am not a young trendy person, but I do like to know what young trendy peoples are doing. I had reason to go to High Street Windsor other than to look at young trendy shops, but I thought we may as well take the time to check them out. East of Chapel Street in High Street is undergoing a renaissance. We entered a gallery that has some nice works. We went upstairs! to look at more works. We visited several other shops.

Hmm, a stylised and numbered print of a St Kilda view, bought at a fund raiser to stop the Triangle development. Nice bit of history, we liked the picture, but it was the wrong shape for the wall.

It was a bit warmish and I was trying to stay on the shady side of the street but R kept dragging me onto the hot sunny side to look at shops. I need a cold drink, I protested.

The interesting Chapel Street cafes were chockers with the young and the beautiful, as they would be on a Saturday afternoon. What is this place? A bottle shop with tables outside?

We occasionally go for a daytime drink to somewhere that charges outrageous prices just for a large beer or glass of wine. I always justify it because we never go out to bars at night drinking nowadays.

I am not sure if we sat at a barrel or a fifties laminex table at the bottle shop, there were both, but sat we did and I had an Asahi and R had an interesting imported cola, straight out of the bottle shop fridge. I conceal my shock when I pay $8 for an Asahi in some bars. This cost $7.50 for the Asahi and the cola. It would be a $1 extra if we wanted a glass. We slugged it down from the bottles like the common working class types that we are. The bottle shop does coffee too. I was most impressed. Our neighbouring drinkers were of Japanese origin. Only young Japanese can do style that puts westerners to shame and no young lady can pout better than a trendy Japanese lass.

No doubt the plans for these stairs in a gallery were brought over from Britain. They are treacherously steep.

Ah, it was laminex table we sat at for our refreshing drink.

Look V. You can come home and find gainful employment.

Might this be a night safe deposit facility at the Windsor ANZ Bank? Might the bank be closed? Might it be a backpackers place now? Might ANZ bank's name be sullied by such an historical attachment? Might that be Castlemaine slate?

A Jolly Roger, taken from the Queensway tramstop. Is it at half mast? Did a pirate die?


  1. Anonymous11:31 am

    Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. I'll think about it. V.

  2. I like you better where you are really V, a safe distance away. :-P

  3. Anonymous2:59 pm

    I love you too! V.

  4. Gosh! Dare I interrupt this love-fest of comments to make a perfectly mundane one? Why, yes I do! The high cost of drinks at young/trendy places is actually an entertainment loading ... you wouldn't quibble about paying $8:50 to go to the flix, but the people-watching opportunities at these places is often much more fascinating!!

  5. I haven't dared step onto Chapel St in years, I'm far too dull. Ha ha. I'm glad I could live via your pics!

  6. There is more than an essence of truth there Red. Btw, how long since you have been to the flix?

    I am only there as a voyeur Fen, not a participant. Even the Windsor end comes with attitude now.

  7. Ha! Trying to catch me out? I went to the flix last weekend - the local has an $8.50 anyone/any day/any session deal during the school hols! So there!!

  8. That is cheap. I think we paid $18 each last time we went, plus the irksome booking fee.