Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is this thing called love?

Am I at the back of an organ? What are these things?

Later: These are Lamson tubes and I took the photo at our newly renovated Myer department store. They were for transporting cash to and from the sales counter to the cashier. The cash was popped into a tube and whoosh, it was gone (kind of like what happens to my cash on payday). They operated on either compressed air or vacuum. I would guess that this was Myer's cashier's end of the system. Our local Coles supermarkets use a modern version of the same system and it is supplied by the company Lamson.

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  1. it is a rank of organ pipes, called a windchest.
    Howard Goodall is our world organ hero and his TV series on great organs was wonderful.
    Because Ballarat was so rich from the goldrush, the churches have great organs and there is an annual 'Organs Of The Goldfields' festival which I have been to and enjoyed.
    A passionate player on a big organ in a huge stone space is better than rock n roll.

    *sits back and waits for lewd comments*

  2. It almost looks like one of those old school mail systems where everything was sent via vacuum tube.

  3. I hope, Marshall Stacks, you saw/heard the Dunolly section of the Organs of the Goldfields, St John's Anglican Church historic organ is a delight to the ear!

    Andrew, I'm thinking if they're not part of an organ they are the old manually-controlled signals for trains?
    Or a lute gone 'orribly wrong.

  4. ... would you believe it is the MYKI replacement ticket system ...

  5. Looks like a pneumatic mail system from a big department store to me.

  6. A high tech Bingo machine, the machine that spat out the birthday numbers for conscription to the Vietnam war or something Andrew whittled with his trusty pocket knife on the back porch as a callow (but talented) youth.

  7. I can't take my eyes off all those little brass balls. Replacement surgery, DrewAn?

  8. All the above suggestions sound so much better than mine, which is No Idea!!

  9. Emstacks, all my blog readers are of the pure kind. No smut from them, and no, it is not the pipes of any organ.

    Pretty close Msilsby.

    Nay Jayne, nothing to do with trains.

    Ann, I'd like to see Teddy try to sell that to the punters.

    Even closer Peter. Department store, yes.

    LS, your flippancy indicates your marble didn't fall. :- P

    Jah Teh, I don't feel the cold much.

    River, I will suggest that there is something similar in your workplace.

    I'll put up the answer in a minute or so on the post.

  10. it's the destination end of vacuum cash catapults.

    The one I recall was at Ball's Corner Store in Richmond, cnr Church and Swan Sts.

  11. it is Durand-Durand's Pleasure Machine that Barbarella blew-up when he tried it on her.

  12. We have a very similar process whereby we place our blood specimens in a canister and send them via the shoot to the path lab. I love waiting for the canister to be sucked down and shoot off.

  13. Brownie, wasn't Balls a cash railway? Noted, every id used.

    Fun stuff Cazzie. Make sure the lids are on tight.

  14. Oh, someone finally remembers Ball's! I have been wondering if I only dreamt that it existed. Good one Bwca Brownie.

    Andrew, it felt strange when I first went into Myers and saw the changes. It looks so spacious and worldy, but the old cramped floors with the mirror-lined escalators still haunt me. I have to go back for a better look.

  15. I like the new Myer LiD. I remember Balls in Richmond and in Malvern.