Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I get Melbourne's Entertainment book for free, so even if I only use one voucher, I am ahead. We possibly use a dozen of them over the year.

Last week we went to Margo's restaurant at the Casino. We had a fine bit of nosh with our two for one voucher. Afterwards we sat beside the river as the city lights were starting to go on. I hope it was just the recent heavy rain that caused it, but I was appalled by the number of plastic water bottles floating down the Yarra. I reckon I saw thirty bottles in 15 minutes. Given the rip off that bottled water is, would a refundable deposit of say twenty cents put on to the cost really hurt people? You can be sure plastic bottles would be quickly and efficiently collected. It is a no brainer for me and if South Australia can do it, why can't we?

We used another two for one voucher to take Little Jo to the Melbourne Aquarium. It really is very good, but oh, the price. $33 for an adult and a child three years old $19.

Bone Doctor dropped her off here as she went to some conference thing. Poor Little Jo was a pick up while asleep and run. After the hour and a half plus trip, she was wide awake and had eaten a Vegemite sandwich, with a good bit of the Vegemite still on her face. She had mentioned recently about seeing the penguins again, so we thought it was a good idea. Honestly, she wasn't so interested in the fish, but more the experience. Half way through she wanted to go home, but then there was talk at the large walk under shark etc tank. 'Which is the most dangerous animal in the tank', was the question. Little Jo called out shark. She was wrong. It was turtles that attack the hands of the keepers so often, they wear chain mail gloves.

Around eleven o'clock, we decided it was time for elevenses. Before I could cry out, no no no, R asked Little Jo what she would like to eat as they surveyed the cases full of sandwiches and other healthy options. Little Jo spied another case and chose a large chocolate mousse. Just don't tell you mother Little Jo.

A few months ago I discovered Walker Doughnuts at the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Streets. They make a fine doughnut in many varieties and good coffee. It is kind of open air and a pleasant place to perve people watch. So for lunch Little Jo had a large pink iced doughnut. Don't tell your mother Little Jo.

Once home, some quiet time was needed. R and Little Jo lay on his bed and watched a child appropriate dvd. 'Andrew, can I have some popcorn please?' Just don't tell your mother Little Jo.

So we fed her a chocolate mousse, a doughnut and popcorn. We did give her some milk and juice to drink. We would make bad parents. Just as well her mother is strict and what we gave her really was a treat.


  1. The fundamental difference between parents and relatives is the application of treats!! Parents are there to enforce the 'rules' - aunts/uncles are there to show the kids a good time! Unfair? Maybe, but that's just the way it is!!

  2. I don't think telling or not telling her mother would be an issue. My bet is Mum would have realised the sugar treat her darling Little Jo enjoyed by her hyperactiveness afterwards.

  3. *snort*
    What they all said ^, parents have to expect others to spoil the kids cos it's their right.

  4. I second Jane's snort and agree-ance with Victor and Red.
    Look at the image of Little Jo... walk like a penguin... or penguin mimicking Little Jo... beautiful!
    Margot's was the restaurant where hubby and I dined last September. We thought it was very nice.
    My Aunt lives in S.A (Mt Gambier) and we have spoken about the recycling of plastic drink bottles and how it has kept S.A a beautiful clean state.. so yeah, I would pay the extra to be able to dispose of them and accept refund.

  5. That's a gorgeous photo of little Jo and the penguin.

    Now where's my doughnuts?

  6. Red, I am supposed to be grumpy uncle. I need to keep my role.

    No Victor. Sister has made it quite plain that Little Jo should not have any treats above what she is allowed at home. Mother, R and I are always in trouble about it. We just ignore Little Jo's mother.

    Up to a point Jayne. Popcorn is not so bad, the doughnut was a planned treat, but chocolate mousse for morning tea was a bit too far. It's all R's fault.

    Penguins certainly held her attention Cazzie. Margot's is very consistent. Pleased to hear the recycling works in SA.

    I bought you one Jah Teh, but I got hungry.......sorry.

  7. ignoring the parents is the privilege of relatives ;)

  8. Not bad parents, but really cool and much-loved Uncles! No kid wants to visit their favourite fellas and be given carrot sticks and rice crackers :)

    As for the deposit on bottles thing, I have often wondered why it's only done in SA. As a South Aussie girl, when I go home for a visit it is very, very noticeable how few bottles and cans are around.

    Trouble is, the booze barons have escaped it somehow, so the rubbish is always beer bottles, breezers and lager cans.

    Here in Melbourne, I take Milly the dog for a walk around our park and one day mentally counted 10c for each bottle I saw. I stopped when I reached $10, too depressed to continue.....

  9. Good Beet. I'll quote you on that should the need arise.

    Kath, the worst littering I have ever seen was on the road from Mildura to Broken Hill. Mile after mile of glass and cans. So alcohol containers are exempt in SA. Pity.

  10. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Hey guess where I had breakfast this morning? Mr Donuts!!!! It was all my friend's fault; she insisted...really, she did...I swear! She had 2 donuts and I only had one.

  11. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Arent those donuts yum! I work around the corner from there and I agree coffee and donuts there are better than Krispy Kreme :)


  12. Did you grab me one of those meat filled pastries and post it to me V?

    Michelle, they certainly have a lot of donuts. I think I saw some Krispy Kreme style ones.

  13. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Oh no i forgot - next time. V.

  14. A little of what you fancy does you no harm at all - thats what rellos are for - for spoiling

  15. MC, I was spoilt by rels when I was kid too.