Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This is Australia

Is it typical of Australia? Certainly it fairly typical of many Australia's Australia. Certainly mine. I stumbled across a little gem of a tv on SBS show called The Late Session.

It was a dinner party hosted by the rather attractive Waleed Aly, born a Muslim Egyptian and while he is a practising Muslim, his religion doesn't stop him from fully participating, perhaps over participating in Australian life. He lectures, writes, broadcasts, has tv shows, is knowledgeable about sport. A high achiever for sure.

His guests were just as diverse. The gorgeous, satirist, funny and competent in many areas, Jewish Libbi Gorr. I just adore her.

How much poorer might Australia be if it wasn't for the arrival to our shores from Malaysia of Mr 'Why are people so unkind' Kamahl. He is always entertaining and a talented singer even at his age of 76.

Ross Wilson, a talented musician, originally from the group Daddy Cool but he has achieved much musically since those Daddy Cool days. One blogmate knows a bit or two about him.

I don't know much about self described Gaysian, Ben Law. I may have heard him on Life Matters. He is quite an amusing guy, of Chinese born parents. While butter may look as if it wouldn't melt in his mouth, he is an accomplished writer and journalist.

But the peace de resistance had to be Jenny Kee. I was aware of her in the eighties, mainly for fashion. I had no idea she had such an interesting past. In her teens she was a successful groupie, with a notches in her belt for a Beatle and a Rolling Stone among other rich and famous. She was born in Bondi to a Chinese father and a part Italian mother and went on to be part of London's swinging sixties.

This would have made a good Australia Day show as it is a reflection of the Australia we would like to think we are.


  1. I saw this host sitting in on ABC 24 hour news recently and he seemed slightly stiff and out of place.

    I've read about The Late Session but haven't watched it. That guest list certainly is interesting. I must have a have a look.

  2. Just checked the link and see the show is currently 'off air'. That's a pity.

  3. Yes Victor. He does appear like that at times. You get used to his mannerisms. He is often on radio here, sometimes as a guest and sometimes as a presenter. I initially found him a bit flat and monotone, but I became used to him. You can't doubt his intellect, general and world knowledge, that is for sure. So, the show has ended. My timing is impeccable as always.

  4. He bounces off Red quite well when he's filling in for Jon Faine - would like to hear Waleed and Red work together more.

  5. aw I'm so annoyed I missed this last night. I love Waleed, he's very talented and I always enjoy listening to him.

  6. Sounds FAAAAABULOUS! Sorry I missed it!!

  7. Anonymous1:25 am

    I tried to watch this online but couldn't - probably because I'm out of Aus...But I did submit my famous dinner guests wishlist! V.

  8. Jayne, he does have a good sense of humour.

    Fen, it was on the SBS website to watch.

    Maybe it will get a repeat Red.

    I'll look later V. I remember you said you were watching News 24. I later hear the international block was lifted for the flood coverage. No doubt it is back now.

  9. Damn, I keep meaning to watch his show and then forget about it. I've always enjoyed what he's written for the Age and had heard good feedback about his TV show.....

    Note to self - SET the recorder!

  10. This series may have finished Kath. I'm sure there will be more. He will go far I expect.

  11. Just watched this Andrew and it was a very good episode. Though after watching Jenny Kee dance, I'm not sure how she managed to sleep with so many famous musicians LOL! ;)

  12. Fen, I must have looked away at the point.