Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stop the Boats

And stop the planes too. Out refugee intake should be an orderly process, not who can get here gets accepted. The Christmas Island disaster where many 'refugees' heading for Australian waters were killed was horrible to hear about.

But our heartless Liberal Party Opposition is stacking on a turn because our government is paying for survivors to attend funerals in Sydney. Ok, the government might not, and I say that without any real knowledge, pay for you to fly to Perth to attend a relatives funeral, but I expect the money would be found by a private charity, if not the government, if you were really so broke. Regardless, the government has done the right thing by facilitating people to attend funerals. The Opposition is so hard core right wing now, it is intolerable.

Add this to this the Liberal Party not wanting to levy quite well off Australians to rebuild Queensland infrastructure after the state suffered floods and cyclones, how heartless do they come across as?

Here in Victoria the previous Labor government modified anti discrimination legislation to include religious bodies not being able to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality, marital status, race, religion etc. Now the present state Liberal government is changing the legislation because they think it is ok for religious bodies to discriminate. These religious bodies are recipients of huge amounts of taxpayer money and pay very little tax, if at all.

Let me just suggest this to those in our largest state of New South Wales who are soon to vote on a new state government. Your government may well be crap, but be very careful what you wish for.


  1. True. A bit of humanity is what everyone deserves. Abbott should hang his head in shame AND keep his trap shut. Permanently.

  2. Along with Scott Morrison.

    But I guess, merde occurs.

  3. Perhaps the Egyptian Army will come to our aid in NSW?

  4. Don't forget the Business Council twat who wanted to cut disability pensions to fund the flood recovery instead of introducing a levy.
    I'd say they were bastards but they've never had parents, they were found in the cabbage patch like all slugs.

  5. If the government got going and processed the people waiting in camps, we wouldn't have such desperation and dependance on leaky boats belonging to the money sharks.
    How any mother in this country can deny another mother trying to bring her children to safety is totally beyond me.

    If I could lift Hockey I'd use him to wallop Abbott.

  6. Oh that he would Kath.

    Nice to hear a bit of backpeddling today LS.

    Yes Victor, they might even work out a plan for expansion of your rail system and GET IT BUILT.

    Jayne, that really is low. They could always eat cake I suppose.

    Yep Jah Teh. I don't blame them fro trying. It is the process that is so wrong.

  7. The libs are scaring the bejeebuz outta me with all their crap.

  8. Ha Beet, at least you can border hop.

  9. After a two weeks at Tafe being the oldest in the class - maybe there sould also be a thing about discrimination against age!!! Or breathing!

  10. What MC? They are not being nice to the kindly old lady?