Saturday, February 26, 2011

Queen Elizabeth

She is named after the late Queen Mother. I managed to miss her sailing up the bay to Station Pier. I fell back to sleep after checking at 5.30am and did not wake again till 6.30am. R was up at six to go to work but forgot to look.

I caught a tram down to Station Pier to take a look at her. The pier area was in a state of organised chaos. That is, it looked chaotic, but was there was organisation. Sadly only the arse end stern was on show. The Zemira is owned by Royal Dutch Shell and I suppose it was feeding some petrol to the Queen Elizabeth.

I rather like that the two names are both visible, although Zemira, Melbourne doesn't quite have the cachet of Queen Elizabeth, Southhampton.

Ah, I just realised there was another cruise ship. I just assumed it was Spirit of Tasmanian. Wait, and I'll check. Crystal Serenity from the Bahamas. Funny, I said to R later that Queen Elizabeth didn't look much bigger than the Spirit on the other side of the pier. Now I know why.


  1. Anonymous3:47 pm

    When I first read your blurb I thought Queen Liz herself was in Melbourne and I wondered how I'd missed that bit of news! V.

  2. if that ship was a car, it would be an old Volvo.

    There is a camera on one of the channel lights that can be found on the web and you would be able to see any ship going through The Rip.

    I guess the blasting of the bay entrance is all about big boats bringing big wallets to Docklands.

  3. V, you know I would never refer to Betty Battenberg so respectfully.

    I used to often look at the 'heads' camera and the port one. The ships pass by the heads camera so quickly, you have to keep watching for a good while and intently. I didn't know it was on a light though.

  4. I was listening to Red talking about this on the radio. A lady rang in to say it was about to dock. If I wasn't so tired I'd have gone down there myself.

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  6. That was me having a real senior's moment. The Queen Mary2 and Queen Elisabeth arrived in Sydney Harbour on February 22 this year and it would have been a great sight.

    I think that photo deservedly says, 'Does my bum look big in this?'

  7. Fen, I heard Red talking about them on Saturday morning repeats of his interviews.

    The photo is a bit as you describe Jah Teh. Blogmates Victor and Julie both posted some great photos of the two ships in Sydney Harbour.