Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pride March

While I am slaving away in the salt mines for a few lousy coppers, Household Management misses me terribly and finds it quite difficult to entertain himself.


  1. So glad the weather turned out decent!

  2. Ahh the manhunt boys.

    So... what was with the fence all around the party area? I feel so... fenced in.

  3. It was a bit iffy Jayne, with some heavy showers around.

    LX, the fence was to stop evil people bringing their own drinks. Even community orgs are all about money.

  4. ha ha brilliant. I was earning my crappy coppers too *sniff*

  5. Love it! Good on HM for um, not exactly pining for you.

    ...and good on the other guys for wearing very little in what was a pretty cold day!

  6. Fen, I'll make sure that doesn't happen again!

    Kath, young gay men are like English women. Their exposed flesh never feels the cold.

  7. dear Hot Andrew, WE, would find it difficult to amuse ourselves if you went away from us, so I will not disparage HM for
    needing a crutch
    (I may have spelled that wrong)
    in your absence.

  8. Too kind Ann. Nice word play too.