Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Plan

R decided one day we will become grey (gay?) nomads. He wanted to sample it. I wasn't so keen. He had forgotten that after driving back from Broken Hill, I commented that I wasn't very keen on long driving.

However for our forthcoming mid year holiday, we hatched a bit of a plan, to see if we would like driving and camping. I say camping advisedly, I mean in a campervan in caravan parks. We thought we would leisurely head along the coast to possibly northern New South Wales and return home in a short time. We hired a campervan in New Zealand and we had a good time, although I wouldn't do it with a friend again, as we did that trip. We are both too old and selfish now to share.

We looked at maps and decided we would return inland, but divert to Lithgow to see the Zig Zag train at and Jenolan Caves.

Right, the transport. This is supposed to be a cheap local holiday. Just at a guess I said to R that we could do the same but take the car and stay in cabins in caravan parks or motels and it might be cheaper. Well, it would be considerably cheaper.

Ok, the campervan. I knew of two companies, Britz and Maui. They are probably the most expensive. Bone Doctor's parents have one that maybe we could have borrowed, but it is a modest affair. We wanted a shower, basin and toilet in ours and a bed each and a bit of space. But we didn't want one that was too big either. Compact would be good, but well equipped.

For twelve days hire it was going to cost nearly $2000 plus maybe $30 a day insurance. Powered caravan park sites seem to be about $20-$30 a day. Add fuel, food and drinks and it was not going to be cheap at all.

Our outgoings this year will be large. We just couldn't responsibly spend that sort of money. We are disappointed, but we have other options. We started looking at Sydney. Yes, the same place we stayed last time is still available. Bali? We looked. Nice places to stay. Did we really want to go to Bali? No, we concluded.

Our plans for Adelaide late last year while I was recovering from surgery didn't happen because I did not recover as I thought I would. We were going to do it after christmas but family matters intervened. So, at this stage, it is a driving visit to Adelaide with a night at Sister's on the Bellarine and a couple of nights perhaps at Mount Gambier. I thought this place looks ok to stay at in Adelaide. It seems expensive now, but I am sure the price was ok when I looked a few months ago. I will follow it up soon.


  1. Anonymous7:48 am

    Wow that's expensive! One of the reasons we moved to the Northern Hemisphere was to have more places to go for holidays. We didn't like the tropics so that left us with Tassie and New Zealand (and even then it was a bits sticky in Auckland!). Adelaide would have been nice but it's where Mark grew up so that would mean a family visit!

  2. Compulsory bivouac weeks and weekends when I was in the school cadets (also compulsory) cured me of even the remotest interest or desire to pursue a camping lifestyle (as distinct from a camp lifestyle) before I had completed my schooling.

    Any thought I might have had of changing my view about this was completely banished after I spent three weeks travelling and sleeping in a campervan with a honeymooning hetero couple through Germany, Denmark and Sweden in 1973. I was an extremely horny gay man in my mid twenties at the time and my inability to address that horniness in such confined living and travelling circumstances almost scarred me for life.

  3. Anonymous9:11 pm

    loved this comment

    "We are both too old and selfish now to share"

    fantastic! :)


  4. Interesting reason for moving Scott, well one of them. I can cope with heat and humidity, but I can't say I enjoy it. I have been pushing a bit for New Zealand again, but after today's events, I better shut up. Thankfully Egypt is no longer being mentioned by R.

    I get what you are saying Victor, on both counts. Eventually it gets so bad that it it only takes an unsatisfying two minutes.

    Worse Michelle, or perhaps better, we don't share with each other either. We know each other so well, we know where not to infringe. I need my free time at the keyboard and R needs his arvo nap. They often coincide.

  5. Forget caravan parks, just follow all the euro backpackers around, they know where to park overnight for free.

  6. Word of mouth I guess Ben, but we need the electric.