Thursday, February 10, 2011

Origin Tips

To show us they care about how high Origin have whacked up our electric bills, they have offered tips for us to reduce consumption.

It starts with the bleeding obvious and goes downhill from there.

Get your kids to turn off unused lights and appliances. Well, with many kids probably in a blind panic about the earth that we have screwed up and are about to pass on to them, I doubt many haven't picked up this up.

Use a floor lamp in your living room, instead of having downlights on. One floor lamp might work in a tiny lounge room, but I think you may need a bit more than one to even dully light a normal room.

When drying clothes or a clothes horse over a ducted heating vent, cover the washing with a sheet to make a tent and hasten drying. Ok, but how is that going to save money? The clothes dry more quickly, yes, but do you have your heating on just to dry clothes?

Tape down light switches that you can do without to stop them being used. That is a bit Hitler like. Might I suggest that if you can do without them, remove the globes or were they really necessary in the first place? If you can do without them, why switch them on?

A note on your front door to remind you to turn off the heating and other appliances you may have left on standby. You have your heating on standby? What does that entail? You have put kindling over the top of newspaper and have matches nearby? Much modern tech stuff, including tvs and digital recorders really dislike being turned off at the wall. They are inclined to forget things.

Wrap your external hot water pipes to keep water warm in the pipes. I believe that has been a plumbing requirement for decades. We wrapped with lagging, then asbestos, then foam wrapped in plastic. If yours aren't wrapped, you should have a good claim on the plumber who installed the pipes.

Meanwhile our many foreign owned electric companies raise their prices sky high so that they can give a good profit return to their overseas shareholders. Nice work Jeff Kennett. Nice work Labor government for not stopping this rip off of everyone.

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