Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr Rabbit done wrong

I know politicians are smart, otherwise they wouldn't have the jobs they have but honestly, are they so bright at times?

I don't care what language out Opposition Leader Mr Abbott uses in private, but he wasn't in private when chatting to some US Army staff. He was being filmed and recorded. Without being twee about it, it is not exactly the language an aspiring Prime Minister ought to use in public. At least God Gough would have used the Latin.

Yes, we all know there is a cozy relationship between the Liberal Party and our armed services. No need for Abbott to publicly exhibit being one of the boys. I prefer my Prime Ministers to behave with dignity.

Now, what were Abbott's staff doing to leave him without words to respond to what was known to be coming?

Even if he wasn't armed with words with which to respond, what sort of response was the one he gave? Silence that he hoped would end up on the cutting room floor? Not on your nellie and it made great television viewing.

Was he really struggling to control his anger? It looked like it and I venture that he was very close to snapping.

While our Prime Minister may not have a red button such as there supposedly is in the Pentagon and the Kremlin, I would like to think our Prime Minister can cope with provocation by a tabloid television news reporter, never mind provocation by a large power off our shores.

Proven to be unfit as Her Majesty's Opposition Leader. Ditch him.


  1. I can't understand how a modern-day politician, with all their scripting, would allow themselves to get into a situation like that. He knew it was coming - as did his staff - so why the silence? Was that his script? "Here you go Tony, just stare at the dude until he gives up and you'll be sweet".

    Can't help but feel that Abbott thinks he can "thug" his way through anything. Fine for a minster, poor for an aspiring PM.

  2. In field somwhere, there is a pile of shit saying "Abbott happens!".

  3. I think Ch7 and Riley that used a grieving family to bludgeon a politician over the head, need a good slap around the ears.

    I guess at the next election, Riley's ad won't include Abbott ringing him personally to pass on hot political goss.

  4. Applause and a gold logie for Altissima.

  5. Me, the political parties control the media down to the nth degree. It is odd that Abbott managed to bypass this.

    Very good Altissima.

    Not Antikva, I did not comment on the proprietary of what ch 7 did.

    Good comment hey Jah Teh.

  6. In no way is it acceptable to make a smart-arse remark like 'shit happens' when discussing anything to do with war.

  7. Opening his gob is what he does well Jayne.

  8. I would snot anyone that put shit on any of our sevice men/women who are out there doing what they are (very very well) trained to do. And, if they were ill spoken of after having lost their life... you would see me plant a perfect right upper cut. Once would do it I reckon.

  9. Cazzie, their motives are quite pure. Whether they should be there at the behest of commercial interests via our government is another matter.