Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lights On

Non Volvo drivers used to mock Volvo drivers for driving around with their headlights on day or night. That the Volvo driver did not have a choice, ie the headlights came on when the car was started and could not be turned off, did not come into it at all. Mock them we did. Here is a Volvo of the type that used to have its headlights permanently on. It is the daily car, yes now, of the founder of Ikea.

The Volvo headlights being permanently on were supposedly for safety reasons. They worked. The headlights on alerted other drivers that an old bloke wearing a hat was approaching and extra care needed to be taken.

Now we have a new kid on the block in the lights on stakes. Rather than for safety reasons, this time the lights on are 'look at me' lights. Audi has overtaken BWM in car sales in Australia, and I am sure it is because of the 'look at me' lights. I suppose they are LED. It would take many shots with a shanghai for me to knock them all out but gee that is what I feel like doing. Naturally if you drive a 'look at me' car, you have extra privileges on the road and certain road rules no longer apply to you. What intrigued me when I first noticed them now just makes me want to give the car a good bashing.


  1. I think they're SUPER UGLY and look mean. I'd be embarrassed to drive something with those.
    Know what else I don't like. Cars whose lights automatically come on at a certain darkness. When I was driving up Kings Rd the other evening there was a car behind me whose lights first came on under the little tunnel bit. Then in each and every dark spot, which was every block, and off when we hit the setting sun shining up the roads that cross Kings Rd. On and off, on and off. It was mildly frustrating, it felt like he was driving along flashing his lights at everyone. Duuuumb.

  2. The Leyland P76's ugly uncle.

  3. It does amuse me Fen, to see the lights come on, go off, come on and go off when I am driving along the Queensway underpass at St Kilda Junction.

    I have heard some hilarious stories about the P76 LS, defective from new. They were ugly brutes.