Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kiwiland bad

Kiwis, New Zealanders, a bit different but the same. We have fought wars along side each other, carped at each other and we have a very common history. We are a bit like brothers and sisters. We hate each other, but also love each other.

I just feel so so sad about what has happened in Christchurch. Loss of historic buildings is terrible. Disruptions to lives, unbearable. The loss of lives, tragic. There is not much more to say......except neither the christian god, mohamed, buddha, the popery, david and the torah or maori gods saved anyone and I expect the atheists perished too.


  1. It is just so sad.

  2. Anonymous4:43 pm

    My Hirosaki-based Kiwi friend is currently in NZ but I heard from him this morning and he and his family are thankfully ok. V.

  3. I am at a loss for words, too, save that once again, I have been forced to turn my television off. Insincere emoting does my head in.

  4. V, while you tell yourself perhaps a person you know was no where near where it happened, it must be a relief to have that confirmed.

    Julie, the live unedited feed from TV3 was scary. Much of hasn't been shown again. But then that is not emoting.

  5. I know....... we've been glued to the television and newspapers and feel pretty powerless to do anything other than donate and hope that there'll be a few miraculous rescues coming very soon.

  6. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Well, he wasn't in the vicinity but his mum was. Fortunately, she's ok but I suspect her house was damaged as my friend's gone there to help her. V.

  7. Kath, I am probably exhibiting racism, and although Christchurch is a long way away, I can only think, they are people like us (Maori included of course).

    You been there V?

  8. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Nah, never been there but have been to Nelson, which is not so far away. V.


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