Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hoodies in the breeze

It is deliciously cool in Melbourne tonight. There is a gentle breeze coming from the south, bringing crisp and clear air from the ocean between Australia and the Antarctic. The windows of the highrise are wide open to allow the breeze to enter and reduce out thermal mass temperature. Being Sunday night, there are hardly any trams grinding past, minimal cars passing by and as happens so rarely, not a building's air conditioner unit can be heard.

The day started warm but it changed. The lads about town found their hoodies and pulled them around the heads. I forlornly hoped hoodies were a passing phase, but it seems they will be around as an item of fashion for this approaching winter at least.

I have never worn a hoodie. Perhaps I should buy one and maybe with most of my head and face hidden, I will look like an attractive young man bent on vandalism, graffiti and petty crime. I am seriously considering it. It is such a bother to be responsible and put my rubbish in a bin. If I had a hoodie drawn really tightly, perhaps I could be brave enough to leave rubbish on public transport vehicles. Perhaps I could bring myself to spit in the street?

While I am not sure that I could get the walk right that goes with wearing a hoodie, I rather like the idea of such anonymity that a hoodie could give me. Yes, I need a hoodie. I've written myself a note to remind me to get one.


  1. I might be female and 42, but I love me a hoodie.

    Just think of it as a tracksuit top with a wodge of extra fabric around the back of your neck...

  2. I've got a couple of hoodies, I rarely wear the hood up but they're handy if my head/ears get cold!

  3. There's something so very 'The Bill' about hoodies! Can't see one without thinking of the Cole Lane estate ... but not sure if that's good or sad!!

  4. Kath, I have noticed non teenagers becoming fond of them. Hats/hoods cook my brain.

    I am sure you look ever so fetching in your hoodies Fen.

    You've got it Red. I think criminal intent. There were a lot of estates in The Bill. A friend could recite them all.

  5. I've got a couple of hoodies and neither makes me look like an attractive young man although both probably make me look like someone suspicious.

  6. Victor, I have seen blokes around forty who have lived hard lives wearing hoodies tightly fitted to their face. They certainly looked suspicious.


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