Sunday, February 13, 2011

Echidnas in three minutes

I had no idea echidnas could swim. Apparently they do with ease. There are three linked clips here. Take three minutes of your life to learn a bit about the intriguing echidna. I grew up in the bush, so I am not unused to seeing echidnas. For our overseas friends, do remember to keep your distance from them if you visit Australia. The shooting spines are propelled at force and can hurt and perhaps even pierce your skin if you are very close. You will probably be staying in a building of bricks and mortar if you are a visitor and so you will be safe while you are indoors and of course they are very seldom seen in inner city areas, but our greening of the inner areas does mean there are more around than there used to be.

I was telling friends about the amazing swimming echidna and strangely they were interested. They subsequently offered opinions about other animals that could swim with ease. One friend who lives in an artist colony type outer suburb that starts with E and rhymes with Eltham said he has a resident echidna in his back garden. Seeing Bush Babes cattle swimming from an island isolated by flood water to dry land was amazing. One friend ventured that a breed of Turkish cats actually like swimming. 'Look it up on the net', he said. I moved to my favoured seat at the computer machine and called my friends over to see the screen. Being in a relaxed frame of mind, I entered 'Turkish pussy' into my preferred search engine, and, well, our friends all buttoned up their shirts, stroked their chins as they considered whether they needed to shave in the morning, and left. The internet can be very unreliable at times.


  1. ooh er Muriel - you are awful!
    Turkish VAN is the swimming cat.

    The Herald-Sun has run some pics of a regular cat in Rosebud that swims, and in West Rosebud recently I saw an echidna waddling along on the banks of Chinaman's Creek, where it passes through the elegantly manicured gardens of The Village Glen retirement place.

  2. *SNORT*
    Andrew and his Turkish Pussy...

  3. HHHMMMmmm... any connection to Turkish Delight?!

    We were told about a clutch (sorry, don't know correct collective noun) of koalas who swam from their Grampians lake island because they'd eaten all the eucalypts. Apparently that solved the problem of how to get them off the island!!

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  4. Ann, somewhere in wardrobe I have the movie poster with, 'You are awful Muriel. So the cat is a particular breed. Makes sense. I've not seen the swimming Rosebud West cat. Why wasn't I told?

    Jayne, you are such an expert at internet searches. I am an amateur and get the words wrong at times.

    Not Turkish Delight for me Red. Koalas swim? Wow.

  5. Well Andrew, I think you are sufficiently streetwise to realise that an Internet search for 'Turkish pussy' inevitably will steer you down a particular street. The Internet may be unreliable but it also is quite predictable.


  6. Victor, I may have exaggerated. What actually happened was I said, 'interesting. I'll put Turkish pussy into Google then'. It was funny at the time. There are some things I have found impossible to search for because I am straight away led to a sex site.