Friday, February 18, 2011

Damn Statistics

The figure for usage of Mikey cards for suburban public transport is very low, we are told. Who am I to argue with statistics? Perhaps a break down should be published.

Today I caught a 216 bus, tram 78, 16, 16, 64, bus 219, tram 72 and all I saw using Metcards were a family of tourists, one older man and a pair of, at a guess by their accents and location, English backpackers. All the rest used Myki cards. Is the area I was travelling in? Is it that train travellers aren't using Myki and brings the statistics down?

All very puzzling to me. Surely there wouldn't be a vested interest in having a falsely low usage figure would there?

As an aside, all machines worked fine, except for one slow reader on a bus. Boarding and alighting points in red. Should I become a graphic artist? My sketch is clear to me, but if you like, St Kilda Road, Commercial Road pause, get haircut, Chapel Street pause, get fresh coffee, Carlisle Street/Esplanade pause, take important photo, Fitzroy Street, change tram at Junction, Queensway/Dandenong Road pause, look for new pot plant for balcony, Williams Road, Malvern Road pause, get a couple of bits at the shops, Commercial Road, St Kilda Road.


  1. You lost me after "Damn statistics".
    If you convert it all into chains and roods I might get the gist :P

  2. lol@ Jayne.
    What the stats lack, amongst alot of things, is to take into account fare evasion. I have jumped on trams near my place of work, and have watched as people get on and off the tram without touching on or off with a card.. or inserting one..
    I have a mykey. I do not use the system as much as others, but I have not had a problem touching on or off with my card as yet.

    Love the diagram :) Reminds me of the road map I used to have to draw up every time a friend wanted to visit me as a kid. Our area was not mapped until recently, and the roads are still only made of gravel.. but I would have to draw it just like that.. only HR was MY PLACE and I would have to draw the roads with black texta where it was bitumen and grey where it was gravel.. haha

  3. Interesting, because I take the 57 and 59 trams very regularly and can count on one hand how many myki cards I've seen used.

  4. Bugger the diagram and the Mikey useage, I still can't get over the fact you require seven transport journeys to get your chores completed.

    Move to Sydney and get it all done by car!

  5. Chain = 22 feet Jayne. How old am I!

    Cazzie, they possibly have a valid ticket. I have seen the same and then checkers get on and everyone has a valid ticket. Love your map description.

    Kath, I suspected something like that but I can't fathom why.

    Victor, by the time I parked each time, it would have taken longer and my temper at my fellow motorists would have been rising.

  6. when people notice that I get on and off a tram without swiping, it's because my Vline ticket allows me to travel on from SoCross.
    My Myki gets a workout though.

  7. Oh ... you Melbourne peeps ...

  8. Quite the
    Mondrian I must say

  9. Works ok for you then Emstacks.

    I shan't mention T Card then will I Julie.

    Ian, I had to check. I did not know his name but I have seen his work. I like it, but he wasn't one of those homosexual types was he?

  10. I don't think so , he just did lots of grid paintings