Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cooking a steak

I don't often post recipes, possibly because I rarely cook. But here is one for T bone steak marinated in beetroot juice. Yum.

Place you steaks on a plate to thaw in the fridge. Make sure when the fridge door closes, it presses on the plate which in turn presses on the beetroot container which slightly distorts and a small gap opens where the lid seals. Over the period of a few hours beetroot juice will trickle from the container onto the steaks and presto, you have steaks marinated in beetroot juice. I left Household Management to deal with them. They tasted fine after barbequeing.


  1. HHHMMMmmm... not sure that my kitchen skills run to such complex technique!! Congrats on what must be a fab new taste sensation - is it a Russian influence??

  2. Oh, well done, Andrew!!!
    Hubby manages to do things like that...well, the beetroot doesn't exactly land on the steak but usually drips down into the innards of the fridge gluing blocks of King Island Blue cheese to the glass shelf or some other silly thing.
    Must tell him to aim for the steak next time... *snort*

  3. My Sarah would LOVE that, she is a beetroot fanatic :)

  4. You will, of course, name your hit cooking show 'The Accidental Cook'.

  5. Well Red, I've got an idea for a beetroot soup but I struggling with a name....maybe bor...hmmm.

    Jayne, beetroot flavoured King Island Blue. I like it.

    Maybe keep it quiet Cazzie. It was very messy.

    Cook!!!! Victor, surely Accidental Chef.

  6. Chef? That might be a tad too accidental.

  7. I am always the consummate professional Victor, so Accidental Chef is fine.