Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clearing Photos 8

Damn boring drain covers we have in Melbourne. The name Danks was often seen at mens urinals in relief on the overhead chain operated cisterns. Go and take at look at how NZ do there drain covers. Puts ours to shame. Kiwi Nomad has a tag that links them all together under Aducpas, Australasian Drain and Utility Cover and Plumbing Appreciation Society.


  1. lol I have noticed a few more variants near my house when I have been out cycling. Will have to choose a quiet time of time eg Sunday morning- to go out and photograph them when there is not much traffic around!

  2. 'Form follows fitness follows function' ... all I want from a drain cover is that it covers the drain.

  3. "Danks was often seen at men's urinals ... "
    yes darling of course, but not by me.

    Here is a great urinal article with images and it references Prick Up Your Ears ...

  4. Yes, do take care KN. We don't want a repeat. Of course you perhaps mean it is better to take photos when it is quiet so people aren't wondering why this loon is taking photos of drain covers.

    Ann, every so often I hear of a particular missing utility cover in one of outer eastern suburbs. No matter how hard the bloke lobbies, he can't seem to get a new cover fitted by our large telco. I think if they can go to the bother of making a mould with their name on it, they could make it attractive too.

    Emstacks, I am sure ladies lavs of the past had large overhead cast iron cisterns with chains.

    Lords being paid to ride trains and check out lavs. Lordy!

  5. I love some of the exquisite drain covers I have seen in some overseas cities. I won't be shy anymore, and next time I am in a foreign land, I won't mind looking like a silly tourist when I take photos of such things!


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