Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clearing Photos 7

I was up the top end of Little Lonsdale Street.

The old and the new.

Is this a Phoenix?

I checked and you can still buy Agfa film for your camera, but I doubt you will be able to for long.


  1. I love seeing old and new buildings together, such contrast in styles.

  2. Looks like a humming bird to me.

    As for the last pic, I know I know that building but can't place the corner.

    Old and new can complement each other, the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. I'll probably be labelled a heretic for saying so, but I think Melbourne Museum makes an interesting counter point to the Royal Exhibition Building.

  3. Agree River. I just don't like seeing good old buildings demolished. There are plenty of bad old buildings to get rid of.

    It looks a bit like the symbol that was on Brisbane's Phoenix trams to me Ben.

    Melbourne Museum, concrete paving to the horizon, more concrete and even more, relieved by a bit of glass. The interior is fine. I tend to use interesting when I am damning with feint praise. I can't even say it is interesting. You are a heretic.

  4. I did not have the Dupain shot of Railway Square - but I do now. Thank you ...


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