Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clearing Photos 2

Hawthorn railway station. Most of the arches are bricked up and from memory the remaining couple have a fence across them. At some time they must have open. Why? Did they give access to the outside street? Could people just wander across the tracks? Speaking of wandering across tracks, note the alert sign in Daniel's photo of the Bentleigh Station pedestrian crossing. Don't walk symbol, another train coming alert, closed gates and yet still a mature woman was cleaned up there earlier this week. God save us from some people because they can't even save themselves.


  1. What do you mean by 'mature' - in this context?

    I reckon her family orta be in touch with that law firm, you know the one, I think JG used to work there. Slater & Gordon. Because I reckon JG musta been responsbile for this. Not enough oversight of federal monies. Get News Ltd onto it ...

  2. I can just imagine horses and carts going through those archways. I could be completely wrong, but that's what I imagine...

  3. I draw your attention, Your Honour, to THIS article which states that there is a reproduction red telephone booth located at this station.
    Is this true?

    Now, as for those arches - they are similar to the arches on other stations built in that era, for storage, luggage, stowing trunks with dead bodies/girls hoping to meet the Beatles, etc.
    The fact the platform is constructed across at least one of these arches suggests it was a later addition - because the platform was most likely located out in what is now the middle of the tracks as it was a single line running merrily up and down.
    Many platforms were destroyed/renovated to accomodate the extra rail line, Carnegie is a prime example of one with chopped off rough bricks as they had to narrow the platform/s to make way for the extra tracks.
    As everything else is original at Hawthorn Station I'd suggest the platform has been shifted cos it's certainly not contemporary with the rest.

  4. Julie, of mature brain age. No more than that. Well may you jest, but I expect there could be a call to no gain, no cost law firm.

    I like your train of thought KN. But into the path of trains?

    Reproduction Jayne. I don't like reproduction. I think I would have noticed the phone box if it was there, note, I think. So they are not really arches to allow passage, but holding pens if you like. What you say makes sense.

  5. No idea if it s the case here but sometimes arches are built filled in as an arch is a very strong structural form, stronger than just bricks laid in the usual way, so could be a structural thing. If you look at the sides of old brick buildings you can often notice arch forms built in to strengthen them.

  6. Katya, perhaps not so easy to see in the photo, but they were clearly built as open arches and filled in later. I think it was when I was a kid and from a How, Why, When book, I learnt about the strength of arches and also about lintels. Paraphrasing Jayne, who knows what the station was like originally. The support arches could have been very important.