Friday, February 18, 2011

Clearing Photos 1

For once I only have a backlog of posts of about ten. But I do have a backlog of photos that I have resized and dragged into the Blogpost folder. One a day, until I catch up.

Bit hard to make out but this busker is pretending to be strap hanging on a train. He had all the movements down pat. There have been some very entertaining performance buskers in the city of late. Much better than second rate music.


  1. That's a bit different, it's good to see unique stuff, unlike some of it that makes your ears bleed!

  2. My ears bleed all the time up here, and my eyes ...

  3. You should get help for that Julie, it must be very annoying!

  4. It is Fen. We were subjected to live on tram busker on our way home from town today. Eventually we moved.

    Julie, there is a very civilised city to live in south of Sydney.