Friday, February 25, 2011

At the Pier

I had to visit the large hardware store in a tin shed in Port Melbourne. Certainly beats driving to the same Moorabbin. Jah Teh and Fen (still no remote controlled power boards, I looked) never invite me for coffee, so I'll just be a loner and go to Port Melbourne. I had a photo to take in the area too, so I killed two birds with one stone. Three actually as Dan Murphy has opened in South Melbourne.

However, it is all work and no pleasure. Pleasure is good coffee at somewhere with a nice outlook. While the place adjacent to the tram terminus is convenient and familiar, I really don't like it much. The staff are......desultory. I challenged myself to go somewhere new and chose 3, I think it is called. It was very pleasant. I sat outside in a cool breeze under the shade of a large umbrella and drank my coffee. I had limited time, otherwise I would have had another and a cake.

Looking towards the place where I chose not to have coffee. There is tram resting before making its long return journey to the eastern suburb of Box Hill. The tram line replaced a proper railway line. Now the tram is so busy, some argue that a train is needed again. It won't happen.

One New Years Eve we watched fireworks go off at midnight from a friends highrise rooftop at Beacon Cove. The fireworks were placed on this beacon. The new Port Melbourne estate is called Beacon Cove, after the beacon I guess. In the background is Princes Pier, and finally works are happening there. There have been so many plans that I have forgotten what is actually being built there. It is a short length of pier that is being saved. But many of the bare pylons will be kept.

The Tasmanian ferry is berthed and ready to take its load of humans, cars, motorbikes, bicycles and cargo to Devonport on Tasmania's north coast.

This is D'Lish Fish, a restaurant and take away that is or was owned by Rex Hunt, a fisherman, football broadcaster and loud mouth about town. We ate there once. Ho hum.

I just can't get over how lush grass is in Melbourne, nearing the end of summer. If this has been a lousy summer, please give me more of them.


  1. That's quite interesting.

  2. I used to sail from Station Pier in the 90s and remember when the only food option was a greasy cafe where almost all the food had been cooked days earlier and the coffee was unspeakable. Wish I had a photo.

  3. Watched an ep of Grand Designs Australia in which a bloke, burned out in those horrific 2009 fires, was rebuilding and he sourced some of the Princes Pier that was available from a timber chappie - damn good to know that while they're titivating the old thing they're recyling the heritage/history.

    Went to Beacon Cove one day with Feral Aspie child, didn't see a thing that inspired me.
    Wait, I tell a lie, I did see something.
    Rainbow Lorikeets playing peek-a-boo in the tree.

  4. the train to Port was closed down about the same time as all the redevelopment plans were being submitted. I need to see the names and faces of the nitwit ningnongs with NO FORESIGHT.

  5. J Bar, I should have added something about immigration as the pier was primary de-embarkation point.

    Sail Katya. How intriguing. I hope immigrants had good food before they left their ships. Funny you say about photos. I checked our album from our eighties trip to NZ and I took no photos in Christchurch or Lyttleton.

    Ok Jayne. He must have paid a few bob for the timbers. I dislike the Beacon Cove estate, but I like the pier.

    That time would be about right Emstacks. Of course your average Beacon Covean would not be seen dead on public transport.

  6. oi, if you're ever in my vicinity and I'm not asleep, then you're more than welcome to drop by, however I don't do coffee so we might have to go to a place that does!
    Oh and I purchased me a remote controlled power board thingy and I love it! Best thing is being able to turn off my lamp as I shuffle off to bed & it not be dark and I not fall over random things and/or the cat.

  7. Fen Little Jo enjoys the remote for the lamps. She presses randomly though. Must teach her to do 1,2,3,4.


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