Friday, February 25, 2011

50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago today Sydney lost its last tram. The trams were replaced by a combination of motor buses and trolley buses. Julie has posted some nice commemorative photos here.

Below is one of my favourite Sydney tram photos. I am unsure where it came from or of copyright. It is a location familiar to many. It certainly should be to you if you have ever visited Kings Cross.

To your right is William Street, leading to the city and to your left is Bayswater Road leading to the eastern suburbs and of course the intersecting street is Darlinghurst Road. If you look terribly hard, you may see tram tracks in Darlinghurst Road, which was only a short siding. The trams in the photos should have travelled from Watsons Bay, but it is possible that they are extra trams which didn't travel the whole route and were provided to offer a good service to Kings Cross and beyond.


  1. Beautiful image. It is Nathan's favourite. Rush Hour in King's Cross 1938 by Max Dupain.

  2. I thought it was Dupain. I was looking for another photo which I knew was his and this one came up. But I checked and already had it saved under Dupain's name. Obviously evening peak hour and how many cars are there!

  3. Anonymous2:44 am

    I love that image... I love those beautiful motor vehicles. Imagining the suarve outfits people wore as they drove about in those cars... and the music playing at the time.

  4. I used to commence/end my tram trip to/from school at the tram spot just to the left of the photograph.

    I, too, was struck by the amount of car traffic. Must have been the rainy weather. Even today Sydney's traffic becomes insufferable when rain falls.

  5. Cazzie, given the cars were heading to the eastern suburbs, they probably would be very smartly dresses.

    Victor, we caught a bus from that very same spot on our last Sydney visit. With all the traffic going under now, that part of Bayswater Road is reasonably quiet.


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