Friday, January 21, 2011

Wine Glass

We don't have a good record with wine glasses. We favoured rather attractive glasses with thin stems. Thin stems snap very easily and we were lamenting our shortage of decent glasses to our dyke friends. So for my birthday they bought me a set of these thick stemmed glasses. The glasses are quite heavy and very robust. Not one has broken some months later. But gee, they are big glasses. I am not saying a whole bottle of wine would fit in one, but it would be close.


  1. Bloody clean sink!

    What sort of wine? All I can read is '...brook'.

    And a Woolies marinated pot roast.

    What sorta veggies? Boiled spuds and brussel sprouts? And what did youse swish up the gravy with?

  2. ...we've got ones even chunkier than that from IKEA. Love Chunks loathes them, so, because he was way this week, I had two glasses of red. When I found myself singing Copacobana very loudly to the dog and got sprung by the neighbour I realised that each 'glass' held about 300ml!

  3. And one should never, ever only half fill ones glass.
    To be seen to be polite one should always follow the time-honoured practice of filling the glass decently ;)

  4. Glasses! How pretentious. What's wrong with a bottle and a straw - or if you by dint of bad luck you have to share - 2 straws.

  5. Are you sure your friends were thinking about the stems?

    Might they have been focussed on your capacity for alcohol?


  6. What's wrong with Picardie glasses, the stem wont break because there's non.

  7. Anonymous6:36 pm

    I was going to remark that you're probably very happy to have new wineglasses that have the capacity to hold vast quantities of fermented grape juice, but I see others got in before me!! V.

  8. We have some chunky wineglasses from Freedom Furniture, which hold a similar, very impressive amount.

    One of our guests commented, "Gee, those are big wineglasses."

    "Not around here, they're not." I replied.

  9. It was a few weeks ago Julie. I have no idea. Of course the remains was used in cooking over time. The roast was probably pumped full of water to increase the weight. Roast vegetables go with roast meat, so I expect potato, pumpkin, beans, carrots and broccoli. And Julie, never ever rinse your cup and turn it upside down to sit on my sink. It goes in the dishwasher or sits upright on the sink.

    That's fine Kath. You have to console yourself for being left at home alone because you don't like showering while standing on someone else's pubes. I quite understand.

    Jayne, public pressure stops me from doing what comes naturally.

    Victor, I am a person of sober habits. What a false impression people have of me.

    Peter, I use similar to Picardie for white wine at home, which I mostly drink. Tumblers were popular here for wine a decade or so ago. Red wine for special occasions in special glasses.

    V, you will give everyone the wrong impression of me. And be careful not to be the pot calling the kettle chartreuse.

    THH, does everyone buy their glasses at furniture stores? Apparently so. Hope you are impressing Munchenites with large Aussie wine glasses.

  10. Straws LS? We go slug for slug.

  11. I seem to have magically disappeared all but 2 of my wine glasses. And I used to have heaps. Maybe someone swiped them out of my secret storage!

  12. Check under your bed Fen. I found a tumbler under mine the other day.

  13. I love those wine glasses. I am not a fan of those wimpy stemmed ones (have elephants as friends..and the number of martini and wine glasses they have broken, lets not go there

    I do like the grey and white tiling on the splashback tho :)

  14. Yes - there can be a big difference between having a glass of wine and having a GLASS OF WINE - some of them are huge these days and there is a temptation to fill them up

  15. "some of them are huge these days and there is a temptation to fill them up"

    It's not a tempation MC, it's an OBLIGATION!

  16. Mirebella, they even balance on the arms of armchairs whereas lighting ones were inclined to tip over.

    MC, Say when? Just fill the damn thing.