Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tram Screen

I am not sure what is supposed to be shown on this screen on only one tram that I know of, but I would guess it is for advertising. It doesn't appear to work and has been scratched and marked already. I could either suggest Sydney is very civilised or not very civilised because I recall buses having scrolling advertising in the 1980s.

Maybe the screen is to give passengers a visual of the people from the tram control centre who are so frequently heard to say, more often than not with a thick accent, Yarra Trams apologises for any inconvenience caused. It would be interesting to put a face to a voice.

A similar picture to the one below of Yarra Trams control centre was often featured in promotional advertising a couple of years ago. This one is from It shows how modern the system is and how they have cameras out on the street monitoring the tram system. It makes it seem very odd that while they have a camera at the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets, a very busy intersection, that they do nothing about cars in Flinders Street blocking the intersection and delaying trams. Do they just watch the trams on the screen or do anything about problems they see?


  1. To judge by the apparently casual conversation the couple in the photograph is engaged in my guess is that they do nothing.

  2. That control centre pic isn't really from Vicsig.

  3. I loathe screens on buses. In particular, the bus to the airport in Melbourne which tells you about attractions just as you're about to leave. And it's sooo loud. I'm a great fan of silent public transport without the visuals- signed grumpy old man.

  4. Victor, I don't recall a transport minister who looked like that from behind, but I expect she is a vip being shown around. Being a gay man,I expect you would appreciate the soft wall washer lighting.

    Daniel, dat dam vicsig dun stole if from ya org. I didn't check who posted it to Vicsig, maybe it was one of your lot.

    Agree James. How can you glare at a fellow passenger for their social misdemeanour when they are staring at a screen. It is as hopeless as glaring at someone who is talking too loudly on their phone.

  5. I want to go sit in front of that big screen and watch. I think I would find it fascinating.

  6. The small screen is for advertising, seems like most [modern] trams the world over have the same system, when it works.

  7. It would be interesting Fen.

    Well Peter, thankfully it doesn't work.


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