Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop the presses

*Andrew rubs eyes as he wakes*

What is today? Empire Day?

Oh, it wasn't until last night that I remembered today is Australia Day. R asked about the car positions and I said that I was going to work first in the morning. Of course you are he said, I am not working.

We bashed off to the local for a meal. Why is it so busy? Duh, public holiday tomorrow.

R is going to our friend's annual Oz Day barbeque. I shall regretfully attend work and earn my day's pay, plus 1.5 times on top of that. Maybe not so regretfully.

Now kiddies, please be restrained tomorrow with your use of the Australian flag. Bragging and chest beating and holding your hand over your heart is not the Australian way.

Even the newcomers to Australia have learnt this, as R told me. He was a rather hot young Mediterranean born guy who vaguely works with R. F*** Australia, he said. I don't give a f*** about Australia. I just want a f****** day off and get f****** p*****. He is taking being Australian to the extreme. I like recognition of Australia Day in meaningful ways.

A bit of Aussie music is a good way to celebrate Oz Day. Last year I put up a clip of Sounds of Then. It was just performed live on tv at a concert. The recorded version sounds better. I thought this year to maybe put up Solid Rock or Treaty.

I am not fond of country music and I don't like western much either. However, this is what you getting this year.

When Slim Dusty died, our ABC ran a late night news tribute, concluding with a Slim Dusty track. Slim's Redback on the Toilet Street is an amusing song, as is Pub With No Beer, but when at the end of the tribute to Slim and our ABC played a Slim track that I had never heard before, tears ran down my face as I listened.

Just don't forget as we celebrate, we Australians come in many guises, those who have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, those of us who are of mid to late twentieth century born and our newest and many in between.

Slim Dusty's Looking Foward, Looking Back. A restrained happy australia day to you.


  1. Have heard it several times on 774's Country show in Saturday nights but hadn't seen the video - loved it :)

  2. Nice one.
    We three have just returned from seeing the parade of many nationalities and groups along St Kilda Road, a walk around the River, a gander at Captain Cook's cottage, a wander through the Aboriginal event in Treasury Gardens, a stroll through Chinatown and Japanese for lunch.
    Now it's time for an Aussie kip before taking the dog for a walk and preparing dinner (Italian).

  3. Thank you for that, Andrew. I did not know it, and enjoyed it very much.

    Restrained, eh?

  4. Jayne, I am extremely concerned that you listen our ABC's country music.

    Quintessentially Australian Kath. I saw a bit of the parade. Seemed to be very variously religious. Hindu off shot. Falun Gong.

    Bit left field Julie, but yes, nice.

  5. Thanks for posting that.

  6. You do have eclectic musical tastes Ben.


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