Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New net for lappie Pt 2

All was well with R's lappy. The internet service worked brilliantly at home but was a bit marginal when I carted the lappy down to the Bellarine Peninsula. We had successfully changed from 3 to Vodaphone. But then the auto generated bill arrived for 3 after we had changed to Vodaphone, 3's sister company. I wasn't home, R called Mumbai. Lucky that he was on holidays and had five hours of spare time to sort the problem out.

It would seem that the lappy was still using 3 as well as Vodaphone. Eventually he got quite cross and told the Mumbia lass to cancel his 3 account. She could not do that apparently. R became very insistent. A battle went on between Mumbai lass and R who was insisting she cancel the account. R was escalated to someone back in Australia. He was told he still had five months to go of his contract with 3 to go, and the cancellation fee would be $100, which was the remainder of what he would have paid up until May, the end of his contract anyway.

I refer you back to Part 1, where the flyer we were sent said, As part of this we are offering you the option to switch to Vodaphone - at no extra cost to you.

R has his own tolerance levels and needed to draw breath so it wasn't until the next day that he called Vodaphone. Lordy, Mumbai again. He was quickly escalated again to someone in Australia. He must have had a certain tone in his voice. Upshot is a $100 credit to his Vodaphone account to cover the 3 billing until May. Vodaphone was free for the first month and at $15 per month with a $100 credit, it will be a while before we pay Vodaphone anything. But will it all happen as stated? Who knows. Not large amounts of money but why were we told no extra cost to you? Why do I think there will be another over the phone battle about this. This is an abridged version of the five hours R spent on the phone. Add to that the around five hours I spent on the phone to get the Vodaphone connection right...........well maybe we should let it be. Yes, Vodaphone is spelt wrongly. I can't spell phone with an f. Lucky them as this post won't come up in Vodafone search. Ooops.

Added later: A bill from Vodaphone just arrived via the email system and it appears to be all correct with a remaining $85 credit. I am impressed. Someone actually got something right. It is such a surprise these days.


  1. I also had extensive problems when I changed everything over to TelstraClear here. Getting rid of Telecom as my home phone provider was the easy bit- getting a new mobile switched from Vodafone to TelstraClear was a nightmare that took many phone calls. And just about as bad was the way my broadband password was changed without notification. Frustrating long call to the Philipines or somewhere did not solve the problem until I was switched locally.

  2. They have ALL got to stop using CHEAP Asian labour. That is a criminal act. oh wait, none of their CEO's is actually an AUSTRALIAN person.

  3. I had a small issue with my optus mobile bill today. I posted it to twitter, within 10 mins optus had replied and later that arvo they rang me and had fixed it and given me extra credit. I love the power of social media. I didn't have to phone anyone at all!! YAY!

    I hope yours stays fixed.

  4. KN, it just should not be so hard to things like that. You feel like you are the only person in the world who wants to do that it is all too hard for them.

    Ann, is that true about their CEOs? I am quite experienced now at Mumbai call centres, and some of the workers are fine, the ones that don't have thick accents that is. You are right. Once connected to an Australian person, a problem is quickly sorted out.

    Fen, that is ever so interesting. I know things I write get picked up, but you got an instant result via Twitter.

  5. Andrew, what was most annoying about the mobile thing was that each time I rang I kept having to start the story from the beginning as they didn't seem to keep proper notes. Plus they always assumed I had it wrong. Eventually they found I was right and Vodafone hadn't made the switch properly.

  6. KN, I know only too well what you are saying. To their credit, our local ex gov phone company does keep the notes and when I have called them, they have all the history at hand. Telco customers are always right but now one will listen.

  7. Actually Vodafone fixed up an issue from something I wrote on Twitter too. I was receiving SMS's for an account, yet I'd never been with them. They too fixed it up after a short Twitter convo.

  8. Meanwhile here in Telstra-land....

    134 hours after the nice sounding Michael from Telstra's Melbourne Call Centre informed me that my thrice requested plan upgrade would be implemented within 48 hours...nothing appears to have changed.

    Why am I not surprised?

  9. That's pretty amazing Fen.

    It is quite character building isn't it Victor.